Car insurance with windscreen cover

Including windscreen cover in your car insurance can help with the cost of chip and crack repairs as well as full windscreen replacements. 

Windscreen damage is one of the most common reasons for making a claim, and many of us assume it’s a standard on our car insurance policy. This could be a pricey assumption to make.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Why is windscreen cover important?

  • Windscreen damage is one of the most common types of claims made on car insurance policies.
  • Many modern cars have advanced driving assistance technology (ADAS) sensors incorporated in their windscreens. If the windscreen is damaged, it needs to be re-calibrated and this can bump up repairs and replacement costs. According to What Car?, costs for replacement windscreens fitted with ADAS can range from £506 to £840.
  • Even a small crack can spread if left untreated, and a chip of just 1cm in the driver’s eye line could lead to failure of the MOT. If you don’t have windscreen cover, you might have to pay the entire cost of the windscreen (including re-calibration if it’s fitted with ADAS), or the full excess in the event of a claim, as well as potentially losing your no claims bonus
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  • If you have a good level of windscreen cover, the excess you’ll pay will be lower than the standard excess, and claiming for windscreen damage shouldn’t affect your no claims bonus.
  • Most windscreen cover policies will also cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle’s side windows and rear window too.
  • Some insurance providers advise you to use one of their approved repairers – see what your policy says. But if you want to use the windscreen repairer of you choice, just be aware that there might be a difference in the excess you pay. Some insurance providers will give you a specific emergency number to call in the event of damage.

Where can I compare car insurance with windscreen cover?

When you use our car insurance comparison service, we make it easy for you to see which policies include windscreen cover. When you reach our quotes page, just click ‘more details’ on each policy to see if windscreen cover is included as standard. If it’s part of the basic policy there’ll be a tick, if not, there’ll be a price to show you what it would cost to include it in your cover.  

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