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Car insurance with windscreen cover

Including windscreen cover in your car insurance can help with the cost of chip and crack repairs as well as full windscreen replacements.

Even a small chip can spread if left untreated, and a chip of just 1 cm in the driver’s eye line could lead to an MOT failure.

Windscreen claims are one of the most common reasons for us to contact our insurer and most of us would probably assume that windscreen cover was standard on our policy.

This could be a pricey assumption to make.

Can I assume I’m covered?

No. Even on comprehensive policies, there can be differences in the cover offered by different insurance providers.

If you’re involved in an accident and your windscreen is damaged along with other parts of your car, it will almost certainly be covered (subject to your excess).

However, if you simply have a small crack in your windscreen and you don't have specific windscreen cover, you might have to pay the entire cost of the windscreen, or the full excess in the event of a claim as well as potentially losing your no claims bonus.

While some insurance providers will offer windscreen cover as standard, others may only offer it as an optional extra for which you'll have to pay an additional premium. Others might offer no windscreen cover at all.

That’s why when you’re selecting which policy you want, it’s important to check whether windscreen cover is included or not and, whether claiming on it effects your no claims bonus or requires you to cover the excess.

When you compare policies with, we make this easy for you to see which policies include windscreen cover. When you reach the page on our site which displays your quotes, click the ‘more details’ button next to each policy to see if windscreen cover is included. If it’s part of the basic policy there’ll be a tick, if not, there’ll be a price to show you what it would cost to include it in your cover.

Don’t assume because you see a tick in the windscreen cover box that you have the cover you want. It's important to read your documentation with care before buying as the cover included may not give you enough cover.

Car insurance with windscreen cover


Why is it important?

Well, as we already mentioned, windscreen damage is common.

If you have a good level of windscreen cover, the excess you'll pay will be lower than the standard excess, and by claiming for windscreen damage it shouldn’t impact on your no claims bonus.

In addition to covering your windscreen itself, windscreen cover normally allows you to recover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle's side windows and rear window too if they got cracked or broken.

It’s important to use an approved repairer when you get your windscreen fixed and some insurance providers will provide you with a specific emergency number to call in the event of damage.

Taking a few minutes to compare policies could save you money later. Do it today using our car insurance comparison service and see how much you could save.

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