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Can I get insured on my parents’ car insurance policy?

Whether you hold a provisional driving licence, or a full driving licence, it’s possible to be added as a ‘named driver’ to your parents’ car insurance.

Before you start begging them however, there’s a few things that you (and they) ought to know.

We recognise that car insurance for young drivers is notoriously expensive. As a result, it’s only natural to try and find ways to lower the costs.

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If you’re added as a named driver to an experienced driver’s policy, it will put their premium up – but, it probably won’t go up by as much as it would cost you to take out the insurance on your own.

Both you and your folks need to be aware of the law though. You can be a named driver on a car, whether you own it or not.  If they take out a policy in their name claiming that they’re the main driver when you’re really the main driver is not only deception, it’s fraud. It’s known as fronting and in the event of a claim, not only could you find your policy is invalid and you’re not insured, but you might land yourself and your parents in court for failing to have valid insurance.

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Build my own no claims

Assuming you can be legitimately added to your parents’ policy, the downside is that you’re delaying building your own no claims bonus. Depending on the insurance provider only the policyholder or main driver can build up a full no claims bonus and this is the fastest way to bring down your premiums.

That said, there are some insurers who will take your experience as a named driver into account when it comes to issuing you with your own policy. It’s worth checking with your insurer whether this is possible.

The policy holder doesn’t have to be the main driver, this is why the main driver is required to provide proof of no claims discount on occasion. If you’re the only driver on the policy and the premium is expensive, try adding your parents as named drivers on your policy. The existence of experienced drivers on a young driver’s policy has been shown in some cases to lower premiums but make sure they are actually going to be driving the car, otherwise this is illegal.

Start a quote with us today telling us a bit about you, your car the type of cover you require and we’ll do all the legwork – just see how much you could save! If you want some more tips about how to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers then we have some more useful tips here.

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