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What is car insurance fronting?

You've just passed your driving test – time to celebrate!  But we bet you put away the streamers and balloons when you got an insurance quote… expensive, right?

Car insurance could cost you quite a bit if you’re under 25. We did some research called ‘Premium Drivers’ recently and found that on average it costs around £1,000 for a young driver to insure their car – and that’s with a bit of shopping around. So we do appreciate it can set you back a bit when insuring your first car.

Bank of Mum and Dad

One idea you may have had is to ask your parents to help. The dream solution is that they stump up the cash – but that’s probably not happening.

You might find that someone suggests that a parent insures the car in their name, and you become a named driver. It might make the premium more reasonable and you'd piggyback on your parents' no claims discount. But before you get that bunch of flowers for your Mum and football ticket for dad, read on...

What is car insurance fronting?

Don't do it, it's illegal

Yes, really. This is called 'car insurance fronting' and is deemed to be fraud. If your parents say they’re the main driver of a car that they're never actually going to use, you'd all be intentionally misleading your insurer... and that’s fraud.

Serious penalties for insurance fronting

If you have to make a claim it’s not unlikely that you’ll be discovered as fronting insurance. At the bare minimum your parents' insurers could refuse to pay some or all of the claim (they would legally have to pay any third party costs though).


They may also cancel the policy stating it was void – which would mean you're uninsured, which could lead to points on your licence or even a ban. Your future insurance premiums could also end up being higher for the foreseeable future.


And that's not the end of it, your parents could get into serious trouble too. They might even face the possibility of being taken to court and prosecuted for car insurance fraud.

penalties for car insurance fronting

Put away those flowers and football tickets

So put away those flowers and football tickets and use that bribe for something less dangerous. We'll help you with some ideas of how to reduce your insurance costs on the right side of the law...

1) Buy a car that’s in a low insurance group. If you can find one where you don't have to pay tax either, you'd be making double savings – granted it may not be your dream car, but it'll help you get on the insurance ladder.

2) Start collecting that all important no claims discount (or bonus). This is a way for insurers to reward you for careful driving and not making a claim for any other incidents such as theft or damage as well as to encourage you to keep driving safely. Every year you're claim free you'll receive a further discount. By the time you reach five years you could be receiving a significant discount – which is another good reason to get your own policy in your own name straight away.

3) Although they can’t be listed as the main driver of your car, you can list your parents as named drivers, and that may actually reduce your premium. So you can use this excuse when you want them to pick you up from the pub – at least they can use your car! But remember, only do this if they will be using your car as otherwise you’re venturing into fraud territory again.

4) Don't buy a car with modifications or make any modifications to your low insurance group car... it's probably not worth it. You might just end up with a hike in your premium or having your policy cancelled. Modifications can make your car more attractive to thieves or more risky to drive which means it will cost you more. Even new lights and car stickers are seen as ‘mods’.

5) Get yourself a little black box. Telematics insurance is a recent development in the insurance world and it can really help careful people who because of their age and experience may otherwise have high premiums. Co-operative’s young drivers insurance works this way. In exchange for installing a gadget in your car, you’ll be offered the opportunity to have a lower premium. The black box monitors your driving – the safer your driving is, the lower your premium will stay. Be careful though, it works the other way too, so if you drive fast or dangerously you may find your payments go up.

Get an app

There are some providers like Only Young Drivers that use an app to monitor your driving in a similar way to a black box. They look at when and where you drive, so if you manage to avoid rush hour traffic then it may have a positive effect on your insurance premium.

car insurance driving app

Keep it clean 

Keep your driving licence clean. Penalty points and driving convictions will stay with you for years and will really affect your premiums.

Compare insurers. Don't just go for the first provider you find or the one your mate uses.  We'll help you find the best quote. We can find you insurers which work particularly with young drivers. You can take a look at the difference in the price of third party, third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive. You can also make changes to your voluntary excess – it can sometimes make your premium cheaper (but make sure you'll be able to afford both your compulsory and voluntary excess if the need ever arose). It's quick, it's easy... so take a look now by clicking the green button.

Did you know ...


According to a report conducted by Co-operative Insurance one in ten parents have admitted to fronting their child's car insurance at some point.


Awareness that fronting is illegal is increasing – so ignorance is not a believable excuse. In 2010 less than half of people knew that the practice was illegal. Today more than 80 per cent are aware.

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