Can I transfer my no claims bonus from motorbike to car?

Considering switching from two wheels to four? Find out if you can transfer your no claims bonus from your motorcycle to your car, with our helpful guide. 

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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What’s the difference between a no claims bonus and a no claims discount?

A no claims bonus refers to the number of claim-free years you’ve had on your insurance policy. It can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

A no claims discount refers to the cash discount you’re given because you haven’t made a claim. The amount is deducted from your annual premium and can make your insurance significantly cheaper. Just be aware that if you make a claim on your car insurance, your premium could rise at renewal time.

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Can I transfer a motorcycle no claims bonus to another motorbike?

This type of transfer is more likely to be approved as it’s the same type of vehicle – and no claims discounts actually relate to your vehicle, rather than to your driving ability.

You may be able to ‘mirror’ your no claims discount on a second motorbike, but this is up to your insurance provider.

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