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Can you have two insurance policies on one car?

Driving without car insurance is illegal and could have devastating consequences. That’s why it’s vital that you’re properly covered at all times. At the same time, nobody wants to over-insure their vehicle.

So, can you have two car insurance policies on the same car? We take a look.

Driving without car insurance is illegal and could have devastating consequences. That’s why it’s vital that you’re properly covered at all times. At the same time, nobody wants to over-insure their vehicle.

So, can you have two car insurance policies on the same car? We take a look.

Written by
Kate Hughes
Insurance expert
Last Updated
24 FEBRUARY 2023
5 min read
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Why would I have two car insurance policies on one car?

It may seem absurd to have two car insurance policies for the same car but it can, and does, happen. 

Most drivers who double up on their car insurance do so by accident, and insuring the same car twice is more common than you’d think. It usually happens for one of two reasons:

Your old insurance has auto-renewed

Drivers often take out a policy for a year, then assume it will expire automatically. But a lot of insurance providers auto-renew policies and, if you don’t cancel before taking out a new policy, you could find yourself with two.

Unfortunately, although this doesn’t mean you have double the cover, you’ll be paying twice to insure the same car or van.

You have overlapping policies

It’s also possible to have two separate policies covering the same thing. This often happens with breakdown cover. Some insurance providers offer fully comprehensive car insurance that includes roadside breakdown assistance. Yet many motorists take out separate breakdown cover, not realising it’s already included in their car insurance policy.

This is why it’s so important to check the details of your car insurance policy before you take out any additional cover.

Will two policies on one car affect my car insurance?

Paying for two car insurance policies could end up being very costly, because you’ll probably find yourself paying two premiums for one pay-out.

It could also become seriously complicated if you need to make a claim.

  • Both insurance providers will need to agree on how much each should contribute to your pay-out. If they disagree, your claim could take far longer to process. 
  • If you make a claim, you could end up losing your no-claims bonus on both policies. 
  • Because you’re effectively making two claims, the cost of your premiums could increase

Can two people insure the same car?

It’s possible – and legal – for two different people to insure the same car. For example, learner drivers practising in their parents’ car might want to take out their own policy. That way, if they need to claim it won’t affect their parents’ no-claims discount.

However, it’s usually easier and cheaper to add someone who shares your car to your policy as an additional or named driver. It could even lower the cost of your premium if they’re an experienced driver. And another driver could get temporary insurance on your car if they only want to drive it for a short time.

If you have separate policies, you can only claim on one.

How can I avoid doubling up on my car insurance?

To avoid doubling up and paying twice for your car insurance, make sure you read your policy’s terms and conditions. Add any expiry or auto-renewal dates to your calendar so you can leap into action at the appropriate moment. 

But you don’t have to do everything yourself. At Comparethemarket, if you automate your car insurance renewal quotes, we’ll automatically search for quotes for you, ahead of your renewal time.

Automate your car insurance with us.

Remember, you’ll still need to cancel your current policy before it auto-renews. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it illegal to have two policies on one car?

No, doubling up on your car insurance isn’t illegal. But if you make a claim from two insurance providers, you can’t claim for the full amount from each of them. Doing so is considered fraud, which is illegal and can land you with a criminal record.

Will I get paid more if I have two car insurance policies?

No. Each of your insurance providers will only pay their share of the claim. For more information, read the ‘contribution clause’ in your policy documents.

Is it ever worth having two policies on one car?

There’s generally no advantage to having double policies for your car insurance. The only time you might want an extra insurance policy is if you have two cars or are driving someone else’s.

Can I insure two cars on one policy?

It’s possible to get a multi-car insurance policy that can cover as many as six cars registered at the same address. It isn’t something we offer here at Comparethemarket right now.

Where else might I end up double insuring?

It isn’t just car insurance you risk doubling up on – you’d be surprised how often people end up paying twice for the same insurance. For example, some credit cards and bank accounts come with travel insurance included. If you then take out a separate travel insurance policy, you’ll be doubling up on your cover.

Doubling up is usually unnecessary and will cause problems when you come to claim. The exception to this is life insurance, where you may want more than one policy to cover different needs. For example, you may have one policy to pay off your mortgage and another to cover inheritance tax.

If I double up on my car insurance, can I get a refund?

That depends. If you notice on your bank statement that you’ve been caught out by auto-renewal and paid twice for car insurance, call your insurance provider to see how they can help.

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