How do job titles affect car insurance policies?

What you do for a living is an important consideration for insurance providers when calculating the price of your car insurance. How you describe what you do, how you do your job – especially if you drive regularly for your company or carry expensive equipment and stock in your vehicle – can have an impact on the premium quoted by insurance providers. Even if you only use your car for commuting, some types of employment are considered a greater risk than others, so insurance providers are keen to know this information.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Is there anything I can do to get a more favourable rate from my insurance provider?

Some jobs have more than one description, so you can tweak your job title as long as you’re still telling the truth about what you do. It’s perfectly legitimate to describe your job in a number of ways to get yourself a better deal on your car insurance.

For instance, if you update your job description from artist to illustrator, you may see a difference in price. And while insurance providers have a lot of jobs on their list, they won’t always have the perfect one, so try to be as accurate as possible to see what fits.

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It’s important to be honest and accurate in what you tell your insurance provider. Saying you’re a nurse when you are, in fact, a carpenter is likely to make your policy invalid.

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