It’s used to calculate a price

Your occupation is one of the factors the insurers can take into account when calculating the   price of your  car insurance. How you describe what you do can affect your car insurance in a big way.

Different jobs with different costs

Some jobs are more expensive to insure than others, as different jobs come with different insurance risks. Your price can change depending on whether you drive regularly as part of your job, or if you carry expensive equipment or stock in your vehicle.

But even if you don't use your car for business purposes and simply commute to and from work, what you do for a living can still make a big difference as some professions are considered by insurers to be safer than others.

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Which jobs cost more?

You may think, quite rightly so, that racing car drivers pay more for their car insurance. But you may be surprised to learn that some more common job types are also likely to pay more. This is due to a number of factors, including being seen to drive more.

Some of the more interesting sounding jobs

  •     Kissagram Person
  •     Medal Dealer
  •     Body Fitter
  •     Dog Warden
  •     Dendrochronologist

Tweak your job description

Some jobs have more than one description, so you can tweak your job title as long as you are still telling the truth. Yes, your job can legitimately be described in a number of ways to get yourself a better deal.

For instance if you update your job description from ‘Artist’ to ‘Illustrator’ you could see a difference in price. And while insurers have a lot of jobs on their list they won’t always have the perfect one, so try to be as accurate as possible to see what fits.

But tweaking the wording is not the same as out and out lying. Saying you’re a nurse when you are in reality a rugby player could make your policy invalid.

Shopping around

Even when you’re shopping around for car insurance it is important to be as accurate as possible to make sure you get the right price. Find out more

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