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Car insurance group 18

All cars belong to a specific insurance group, which is allocated based on data collected by Thatcham Research, the motor insurer’s automotive research centre. Which cars sit in insurance group 18 depends on a number of factors, including their value, performance and how much they cost to repair.

All cars belong to a specific insurance group, which is allocated based on data collected by Thatcham Research, the motor insurer’s automotive research centre. Which cars sit in insurance group 18 depends on a number of factors, including their value, performance and how much they cost to repair.

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10 JUNE 2024
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What is car insurance group 18?

Car insurance group 18 is one of the 50 groups that cars are divided into for insurance purposes. Cars in group 1 are the cheapest to insure and those in group 50 are the most costly.

The ratings system is run by Thatcham Research, the organisation responsible for categorising cars into insurance groups. It defines the groups, then tests and rates cars, assigning them to a particular group. 

Factors including engine size, performance, safety and the costs of repair will all impact which groups cars are put into. As a rule, the higher the number, the more you’ll have to pay for your car insurance as cars in higher groups are more powerful and expensive than those in lower groups.

However, what you pay for your insurance will also depend on other factors including your age, your driving history and where you live.

Which cars are in insurance group 18?

Cars in Group 18 are in the middle of the range, so not the cheapest or the most expensive. 

Popular cars in group 18 

Here are a few examples of cars you’ll find in group 18. We’ve included a mix of both new and older models, in case you’re looking for a used vehicle. 

But be aware, just because one B-class Mercedes Benz is on the list, it won’t mean all B-Class vehicles are in the group. Engine size and trim will result in models with similar names being in different groups.

Make Model
Alfa Romeo MiTo Lusso MultiAir (135) 2010-2011 3 dr, petrol
BMW X1 SE sDrive 16d sLine, 2013-2015, 5dr, diesel
Chevrolet Cruze LTZ (141), 2011-2022, 5dr, petrol
Citroën C4 Exclusive E-HDI (110), 2011-2018, 5dr, automatic
Hyundai Tucson Premium SE CRDi 136 MHEV, 2019-2020, 5dr, diesel
Jeep Wrangler RUBICON 2007-2018, 2dr, petrol, automatic
Nissan Qashqai N-Connecta dCi 150, 2018-2021, 5dr, diesel
Peugeot 2008 GT Line BlueHDi S/S 120, 2017-2019, 5dr, diesel
Mercedes-Benz B Class B180 AMG Line Edition Premium Plus d, 2021-2022 5dr, diesel, automatic
Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Tech 4Motion TDi 150, 2018-2020, 5dr, diesel

Insurance group 18 average cost

The average cost of insuring a group 18 vehicle doesn’t just depend on the group it’s in. The driver’s age, address, job, driving and claims history will also have an impact.

So if you’re driving a group 18 car and have a clean licence, you’re likely to pay less than someone with driving convictions.

Who are group 18 cars most suitable for?

Group 18 cars are great if you’re looking for a larger or family-sized car that offers decent performance. If you make long journeys frequently, you can also find comfortable models. 

But if you’re after an affordable runaround that’s cheap to insure, you may be better off considering something in a lower insurance group.

Why are car insurance group 18 cars cheaper?

Group 18 cars are cheaper than more luxury models as they typically cost less to buy than top-of-the-range cars. Other factors that help keep costs down include:

  • Smaller engine sizes
  • Cheaper parts
  • Cheaper to repair
  • Useful safety features
  • Good security features.

How can I check my car insurance group? 

Our car insurance group checker makes it easy to see what insurance group any car is in. Just enter the make and model details, and it will tell you which group it belongs to.

Go to car insurance group checker

Frequently asked questions

Is insurance group 18 high or low?

Insurance group 18 is mid-range as groups are numbered 1-50. Group 1 is the lowest and cheapest, and 50 is the highest and most expensive.

However, what you pay for insurance depends on more than the group your car is in. Your age, address, job, annual mileage and driving history, for example, will also have an impact on the cost of your insurance premium.

What do the letters mean in insurance groups?

Sometimes you’ll see a letter following the number of a car insurance group. This refers to the car’s security or safety level. Here’s a guide to what each letter means:

A – the car’s security is acceptable
D – doesn’t meet the required security standards
E – exceeds the necessary security
G – the car is imported
P – data is incomplete (provisional)
U – the car’s security level is unacceptable.

How can I save on my group 18 car insurance premiums?

There are a few ways you could potentially save on your car insurance.

Paying annually can be cheaper if you can afford it. This way you’ll avoid the interest charges many providers add when you pay for your insurance monthly.

Opting for a higher excess – the amount you pay towards a claim – might help reduce your premium. But you’ll need to know you can afford to pay your share of a claim, if you ever need to make one.

Be accurate about your estimated annual mileage when getting quotes. Over-estimating your mileage means you could end up paying more than you need to.

Shop around rather than auto-renewing your policy to see if you can find a cheaper deal. But make sure any policy you choose has all the cover you require.

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