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Which region is best for switching and saving energy?

Which region is best for switching and saving energy?

Our research shows there’s a big gap across the country when it comes to the proportion of households who’ve switched their energy provider over the last year. Find out how different regions of Britain compare when it comes to beating the energy price rises.

Peter Earl
From the Energy team
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posted 6 FEBRUARY 2020

Research by Compare the Market has shown that there’s a major difference in the proportion of households who switch their energy provider depending on their region. London households proved to be the most hesitant region when it comes to switching energy – despite turning down an average saving of nearly £200 by not moving on to a cheaper tariff.

Only one in seven (7.21) households in London has switched in the past 12 months, 64% below the national average and making it the worst region of Britain, even though it has some of the highest savings on offer.

Our most recent energy switching grid shows how the North East, the South West and Yorkshire are the savviest places when it comes to switching. The North East came out on top, as one in three (3.37) households had changed their energy supplier. The South West came in second for switching volumes (3.82), showing the area is clued up on the value of switching – interestingly though, it’s the region with the second lowest average saving (£183.58).
Our research also demonstrates how people in the East Midlands stand to save the most by switching, with an average saving of £200.29, while Scotland save the least with an average of £181.24.

Mapping energy switches across the country

We compared the average energy costs in each region of Britain, along with the savings made by those who switched, the percentage of switches per region, and the most popular supplier over the last year. 

Region Households per switch Average spend Average saving
North East 3.37 £1,188.56 £195.26
South West 3.82 £1,214.78 £183.58
Yorkshire and The Humber 3.84 £1,182.77 £188.62
East Midlands 4.01 £1,223.18 £200.29
West Midlands 4.08 £1,214.31 £195.17
North West 4.10 £1,222.51 £195.19
Wales 4.13 £1,182.32 £184.48
East Anglia 4.52 £1,224.66 £194.61
South East 4.54 £1,230.88 £195.35
Scotland 4.87 £1,214.29 £181.24
London 7.21 £1,187.55 £199.16

Meanwhile the clear winner from the energy providers this year was E.ON, making up over 15% of switches across the country. The Big Six energy firms were the most popular suppliers for switching, taking the top six spots and accounting for nearly 80% of switching over the past year.

Peter Earl

Head of Energy
Compare the Market

“Our research shows a stark regional divide in the approach people take to managing the cost of their energy. London, for example, is by some way the worst region of the UK for switching despite having some of the highest savings on offer. The statistics show little correlation between the volume of switching and the amount that people stand to save by changing provider, with the South West coming in second for switching volumes while also having the second lowest average saving.”

Peter added: “The value of switching your energy supplier is clear. However, energy providers tend to rely on customer inertia to make money and by automatically moving customers on to a more expensive default tariff, households are likely to lose hundreds of pounds every year.”

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