Who is my gas or electricity supplier?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply in the market for a better energy tariff, it’s important to know who supplies your energy. If you’re struggling to find out who your energy provider is, here’s how to track down the details.  

Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply in the market for a better energy tariff, it’s important to know who supplies your energy. If you’re struggling to find out who your energy provider is, here’s how to track down the details.  

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Posted 28 JANUARY 2021

Who is my energy supplier? 

The simplest way to find out who supplies your energy is by looking at a recent gas or electricity bill. The supplier name, logo and contact details will be on it, along with the name of your current tariff. It should also show the provider’s cheapest available tariff. 

A recent survey found that one in 20 customers didn’t know who their energy supplier was, and up to 25% didn’t know if they were on the most expensive tariff. It’s important information, especially if you’re looking for a better plan. 

Who is my electricity supplier? 

You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your Local Distribution Centre (LDC). They’re not responsible for your energy bill, but they can help you find out who your energy supplier is. 
You’ll need to telephone the local distribution centre for your area: 

North Scotland 
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks: 
01738 340627

Central & Southern Scotland 
SP Energy Networks: 
0330 1010 300 

North East England & Yorkshire 
Northern Powergrid: 
0800 011 3332 

Southern England 
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks:  
01738 340627

Northern Ireland 
Northern Ireland Electricity Networks: 
03457 643 643 

Republic of Ireland 
ESB Networks: 
00353 1850 372 757 

The LDC will also have a separate emergency number that you can call in the event of a power cut

Who is my gas supplier? 

If you’re still unsure who supplies your gas, you can use the free Meter Point Administration Service: 

  • Just type your postcode into  Find My Supplier  on the website and it will show you who supplies your gas. It will also give you your gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). This tells your energy supplier where your meter is located. 
  • If you don’t have internet access, you can call 0870 608 1524. The number is available nationwide, and calls are charged at 7p per minute. 

I’ve just moved house, how do I find my gas or electricity  supplier? 

Ask your estate agent, or the previous owner, for details. If you’re renting, the letting agency or landlord will know. 

If the previous occupant has informed the energy supplier they’re leaving, you should also receive a notification letter when you move in. It’ll usually be addressed ‘To the Occupier’. 

Why do I need to know who supplies my gas and electricity? 

It’s important to know who your energy supplier is, as you need to be aware of the tariff you are on. This way, you can find out if you are overpaying for your energy and potentially find a better deal with a new provider. 
It’s also good to know who you should contact, should something happen with your energy supply, to find out more information. 

What if I want to switch energy supplier? 

Once you’ve found out who provides your energy and which tariff you’re on, there’s no reason why you can’t switch to a better plan with another supplier
Before getting a quote, ask your current provider for the average energy consumption for the property. If you can’t get hold of this, you can still get a quote from us but we’ll estimate your energy usage. 

Also, if you’ve just moved in, the previous owner – or landlord if you’re renting – should have given you an  Energy Performance Certificate. This contains information on the property’s energy costs, as well as estimated savings that could be made by improving energy efficiency. 

Thanks to the Energy Switch Guarantee,  switching energy suppliers  should be hassle-free, with no disruption to your energy supply. 

How do I switch energy supplier? 

The first thing to do is find your new supplier. Start by entering a few details into Compare the Market, including your postcode and current energy usage (which can be found on an existing bill) and we’ll do the leg work to find you quotes from each of our suppliers. 
Once you’ve found a quote you’re happy with, you’ll just need to enter a few more details, such as your full address and bank details, before confirming your switch with your new supplier. 
From there, your new supplier should tell your existing one that you’ve agreed to switch, taking the hassle of the switchover off your hands. After a cooling off period, you’ll then be automatically switched to your new provider. 

How long does switching energy supplier take? 

With Compare the Market, you can get a quote for a new energy supplier in under four minutes**. 
Once you’ve selected and confirmed your new provider, your details will be processed. They will then reach out to your existing supplier and activate a ‘cooling off’ period. This typically lasts about two weeks. Therefore, you should expect to be fully live with your new energy provider in under three weeks, but this may vary. 
**On average it can take less than four minutes to complete a energy quote through Compare the Market based on data in November 2020.

Where can I compare energy tariffs? 

Right here at Compare the Market. Our simple comparison service will provide you with a list of energy tariffs, so you can choose a tariff to suit you in a matter of minutes.

So, why not shop around to see if you can get a better deal? You could save up to £338*** by simply switching suppliers.

***Where a saving can be achieved 50% of people could achieve a saving of £338.00 on their dual fuel energy costs based on Compare the Market data in May 2020.

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