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Compare Cheap Gas and Electricity Prices at

Many people stick with the same supplier for their gas and electricity, year after year. In fact, Ofgem found that over 45% of people don’t recall ever switching supplier!


Unfortunately, these people are extremely likely to be paying a lot more for their energy than they need to.


While Ofgem believes customers who’ve never switched supplier could save around £300 a year by doing so, we’ve seen evidence of customers saving a lot more than this with

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Introduction to comparing gas and electricity with

Allow us to reassure you; you aren’t under any obligation to actually make a switch when you compare gas and electricity prices with us. However, if you’re someone who’s not switched in over a year, you could be in for a nice surprise!


It’s really simple to do too. Here’s how.


First off, you need to tell us your post code. Then whether you want to switch just your gas, your electricity or both – a so called dual fuel tariff.


If you’ve got a recent bill with you all the better, but it’s not essential. If you do have your bill, tell us who supplies your energy and your current tariff – it’ll be written on the bill. If not, we can make assumptions based on the most popular supplier in your area and estimate usage through the estimation calculator.


Then tell us what sort of tariff you’re interested in:


  • A fixed tariff – gives you the security of a set rate for the tariff term
  • A variable rate – rates vary dependent on wholesale energy costs
  • All tariffs – we’ll show you both sorts


You can choose whether you want to pay by direct debit or another method but it’s worth knowing that suppliers often save their best deals for those that pay via direct debit.


And that’s it. Really. Just click on ‘Go to prices’ and we’ll do the hard work behind the scenes for you.


We’ll present back all the available tariffs. The comparison will show you what you could save by switching if you were to use the same amount of energy as you currently use for the next 12 months.


Should you switch to a dual fuel tariff?


Dual fuel supply simply means that you get your gas and electricity from the same supplier.


Dual fuel tariffs are popular for a few reasons:


  • They can sometimes mean cheaper fuel prices. Suppliers may offer a discount if you buy both your gas and electricity from them. This discount is simply deducted from your bill if you go ahead. Don’t just assume dual tariffs are always cheaper though - it’s worth checking to make sure.
  • Hopefully nothing goes wrong with your energy supply or the calculation of your bill, but if it does, you’ll need to contact your supplier. Dual fuel means you only have the one contact to have to deal with.
  • You’ll only get one energy bill and can pay via one direct debit. For some people this can help with budgeting and managing their household expenditure.


Is it more complicated to switch to a dual fuel tariff?


No! Simply select ‘Gas & Electricity’ at the start of the comparison.


Before you decide which tariff you need, you may have some questions around your personal protection or need some help understanding your bill. Well don’t worry! - Just call our switching support team on 0800 093 6831.


How much can I save?


How much you’ll actually save will obviously depend on a number of factors – not least how much you’re actually paying for your energy today.


To find out some more information on switching savings, check out our Energy Snapshot – it has some great information, such as:


  • The most popular tariffs
  • The highest saving tariffs
  • Which suppliers our customers are switching from and to
  • Tariffs which are expiring soon
  • Average savings made by age group when they switch
  • Average saving made by area of the country when switching


We found in the first six months of the year, switching in every region of the UK our customers saved at least £347, with some regions saving almost £550 on average. In fact, some of our customers managed to save over £1,000 by switching.


The only way to find out exactly how much you could save is to take the few minutes and try it yourself.


Switch gas and electricity and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets*


There’s one more thing. Switch to a qualifying deal with us and we’ll say thank you with 2 for 1 cinema tickets*. That means you could be taking a friend to the cinema every Tuesday or Wednesday, not just once, but for a whole year! Now, that’s a freebie.


Compare energy prices with and see what you could save by switching your gas and electricity supplier.