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Compare gas prices – what you need to know

By running a gas price comparison, you’re able to check that you’re getting a great value-for-money deal from a cheap supplier for you and your home. Whether you get your gas and electricity together or from separate suppliers, comparing gas suppliers can help you save money. 
Here’s a run-down of some of the most common questions to do with comparing gas suppliers and prices.

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How to switch gas suppliers 

Once you’ve finished comparing gas suppliers and chosen a new gas package, the switching process is simple and safe.

  1. Your new supplier will ask you to fill out a short form.  
  2. They’ll arrange a switching date and ask for a meter reading to make sure they’re able to accurately bill you. They’ll also contact your current supplier to let them know you’re switching.  
  3. There’s a two-week ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can change your mind and cancel the switch, if you want. 

What information do I need to start comparing gas suppliers and prices? 

It’s useful to have your latest gas bill to hand, but you can still compare gas prices without it by answering a few questions to get basic quotes. 

If you can tell us how much you currently pay and who your gas supplier is, we should be able to generate some competitive quotes for you. 

To get a more accurate quote, just add the name of the current tariff you’re on and how much gas you use.

Gas suppliers we compare 

We compare a wide variety of gas suppliers across the marketplace, including: 

  • British Gas          
  • E.ON                   
  • EDF Energy        
  • SSE                     
  • Scottish Power    
  • OVO Energy        
  • Bulb                         
  • Shell Energy            
  • Green Network Energy

Frequently asked questions

Is gas cheaper than electric?

Gas is typically cheaper than electricity to buy per unit (kWh). However, the cost of installing gas is often much more expensive. If your home already has gas, it’s normally the cheaper way to go. But if you’re deciding whether to switch, you should consider how long you plan to be in your current house. In the short term, installing gas may not be worth it. But if you’re settled in your home, you can save a significant amount in the long run by switching to gas.

Do I need new equipment or gas pipes?

Switching your gas tariff doesn’t require any building, plumbing or re-wiring. You won’t notice any changes, except to the price of your gas bill.

How long does it take to switch gas suppliers?

According to Ofgem, the Government regulator, the average time it takes to switch gas suppliers is 18 days. This includes a two-week cooling off period in which you can change your contract or cancel it completely. Your energy supply won’t be interrupted at any point throughout the transition period.

Are there green gas suppliers available?

Green gas suppliers are still quite new, so they won’t all be available in every area of the country. If you’ve found a likely candidate for your gas supply, check with them to see if they cover your region.  
There are a few approaches to generating eco-friendly gas. Some  suppliers generate natural gas using innovative renewable processes  such as anaerobic digesters, which break down plant matter or animal waste, to release gas that can be used as fuel. 

Will I get a smart meter from my new gas supplier?

It depends on whether they’re available from your supplier, in your area. The national roll-out programme aims to fit a minimum of 85% of UK homes with a new smart meter by the end of 2024.

Will changing to a cheaper gas supplier mean I’ll get worse customer service?

No, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good customer service for a cheaper deal. With Compare the Market, you can make gas comparisons based on the supplier ratings of all our partners, not just the cheapest gas prices. This allows you to strike the right balance between saving money and getting customer service you can trust.

Can I switch gas suppliers if I am a renter?

If you’re directly responsible for paying your energy bills then yes, you should be able to switch gas suppliers without informing your landlord. You can normally tell if you’re directly responsible, as your name will be on the energy bills, not your landlord’s. If, however, your landlord includes the cost of energy in your rent, you’ll need to speak to them first. In this situation, they’ll have to make the switch themselves. If you’re not sure whether you’re responsible for paying for your energy, check your tenancy agreement.

Can I switch gas supplier if I am on a prepayment meter?

As long as you owe less than £500, you should be able to switch gas suppliers if you have a prepayment meter. Prepayment tariffs are generally more expensive than those for standard credit meters, so you might want to see if you can switch to a credit meter instead. You may have to pass a credit check first though.  
Most suppliers will change your meter for free, but some smaller providers may charge for this service.

How can I find out who my current gas supplier is?

If you don’t have an energy bill to hand, you can find out who supplies your gas by entering your address in the Find My Supplier search tool. Alternatively, you can call them on 0870 608 1524. Calls will cost 7p a minute on top of your standard rate.

Will I have to pay an exit fee when I switch suppliers?

If you’re on a fixed-rate tariff and want to switch suppliers, you’ll usually have to pay an exit fee to get out of your contract, unless you’re within 49 days of the tariff end date. Even if you do have to pay a fee, it might still be worthwhile making the switch. Work out how much you could save by switching to another supplier and subtract the exit fee, to see if you’d be better off.  
If you’re on a standard variable tariff, you won’t usually be required to pay an exit fee. 

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