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Compare gas prices – what you need to know

By running a gas price comparison, you’re able to check that you’re getting a great deal for you and your home. Whether you get your gas and electricity together or from separate suppliers, comparing gas tariffs can save you money.

Here’s a run-down of some common questions about comparing gas prices and suppliers when looking for a new, cheaper gas energy tariff.

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How to switch gas suppliers 

Once you’ve chosen a new gas package, the switching process is simple and safe. 

  1. The new supplier will ask you to fill out another short form. 
  2. They will arrange a switching date, and ask for a meter reading to make sure they can work out your bill correctly. They’ll also contact your current supplier to let them know you’re switching. 
  3. There’s a two-week ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can change your mind and stop the switch if you want. 

Frequently asked questions

What information do I need to start comparing gas prices and suppliers?

It’s useful to have your latest gas bill to hand, but you can still compare gas prices without it by answering a few questions to get basic quotes.

If you can tell us how much you currently pay and who your gas supplier is, we should be able to generate some competitive quotes for you.

To get a more accurate quote, just add the name of the current tariff you’re on and how much gas you use. 

Is gas cheaper than electric?

Gas is typically cheaper than electricity to buy per unit (kWh). However, the cost of installing gas is usually much more expensive. If your home already has gas, it’s normally the cheaper way to go, but if you’re deciding whether to switch, you should consider how long you plan to be in the home. Over the short term, installing gas may not be worth it, but, if you’re settled in your home, you can save a significant amount in the long run by switching to gas. 

Do I need new equipment or gas pipes?

Switching your gas tariff doesn’t require any building, plumbing or re-wiring. You won’t notice any changes, except to the price of your gas bill.

How long does it take to switch gas suppliers?

With many of the big companies, switching gas suppliers will take no more than 17 days. However, for the smaller ones it can take around six weeks.

Are there green gas suppliers available?

There are a few approaches to generating eco-friendly gas. Some  suppliers generate natural gas using innovative renewable processes  such as anaerobic digesters, which work by breaking down plant matter or animal waste to release gas that can be used as fuel. 

Green gas suppliers are still quite new, so they won’t all be available in every area of the country. If you’ve found a likely candidate for your gas supply, check with them to see if they cover your region. 

Will I get a smart meter from my new supplier?

It depends on whether they have become available from your supplier in your area. The national roll-out programme aims to get a minimum of 85% of UK homes with a new smart meter by the end of 2024, so whoever your supplier is, you will most likely be offered one soon. 

Compare gas prices 

Get a quote from us and we’ll help you compare gas prices from a range of providers. It’s quick and easy to compare with us. In fact, 96.8% of our customers found our energy comparison experience easy or very easy**.

**For the period 1st September 2019 to 29th February 2020, 469 people responded to the question “When completing a quote using CtM, how did you find it?”  454 responded with ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ (96.8%).

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