Simpler Energy Bills

Do you understand your energy bill? If the answer is no, then you’re not alone. Our latest research found that over half of adults (51%) want to see a change to the way bills are presented, making them ‘more understandable’.

Despite the huge innovations to services across the board in recent years – from contactless payments to smart TVs – the energy industry is still lagging behind. Energy bills are unnecessarily complicated, meaning that the majority of consumers still don’t know what they’re paying for. And, with the average Brit paying out over £58,000 for energy over their lifetime, this isn’t an issue to be taken lightly!

The confusion around bills is a problem that must be tackled if consumers are to get in control of their energy usage and spend. If bills are hard to make sense of, customers could be missing out on better deals or risk ‘bill shock’ by accumulating debt.

To put an end to complicated energy bills once and for all, we’re launching a new petition in partnership with John Penrose, MP for Weston, Worle and The Villages, calling on suppliers to simplify their energy bills.

Simple bills will not only help consumers understand what they’re paying for, but will also show them if the tariff they’re on is right for them, and whether they should be shopping for better deals elsewhere. 

To sign the petition and help make bills easier to understand and fit for purpose, follow the instructions below:

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