Energy switching snapshots

Our monthly Energy Snapshot is designed to give you the low-down on great energy deals that we’ve found for our customers, as well as showing the average savings you could potentially make if you were to switch today. 

November 2019 Energy Snapshot

There’s so much in the press these days about the cost of gas and electricity that it’s easy to feel bewildered when it comes to choosing an energy deal that’s right for you. We want to help you with some straightforward, easy-to-understand information, so here’s our Energy Snapshot for November 2019.

It includes facts about how much our customers saved when they switched, who they switched from and who they switched to, as well as the most popular tariffs that we offered last month at Compare the Market.

This isn’t a matter of opinion like much of what you read, this is the low-down based on the actual experiences of our customers.

Energy switching snapshot
Average savings based on usage information entered by Compare the Market customers during November 2019. Achievable savings can vary among customers depending on individual household usage.

86 energy tariffs set to end in December 

The cheapest energy tariffs tend to be fixed-term, fixed-rate deals. Customers with these deals need to be aware of their tariff’s end-date, so that they can look for another great deal to take its place and avoid being rolled on to the often more expensive standard or default tariff.

Our snapshot lists the 86 energy tariffs that end in December 2019, so if yours is on the list, now’s the time to look for a new deal that could save you money.

Top savings

While we know that some of you can be put off switching energy providers, many of you have already discovered that it can be worth it and have benefited from some amazing energy deals.

So what kind of savings can be made with these switches? Some of the figures might surprise you.
Customers who switched with us in November 2019 to E.ON’s Fix Online Exclusive Plus tariff made an average saving of £506. The next highest saving was with EDF Energy, as customers who switched to the Simply Online 1 Year Fix Dec20v3 tariff saved an average of £360.

The Big Six

Over the past year, we’ve seen people leaving the Big Six in large numbers. However, November continues the trend from October, with more of you switching to one of the Big Six suppliers (around 21%) rather than left.

Perhaps that’s because all of our top five highest saving tariffs in November came from the Big Six suppliers. A big worry for customers is whether smaller suppliers are as reliable as bigger and better-known suppliers, or whether there are adequate protections in place if a provider goes bust. However, you can rest assured if you’re looking to switch to a smaller supplier, as Ofgem has introduced safety measures and guarantees to protect customers in these circumstances, so you’ll never lose your supply.

Great deals can be found right across the energy market, so it’s always a good idea to compare all types of supplier to find one that meets your needs.

Peter Earl

Head of Energy,

“British Gas has put its foot on the gas in November, accounting for more than a third (36%) of all switches on our platform. This is part of a rebuild for the supplier, which lost almost half a million customer accounts last year. The Big Six supplier has neared the top of the table for the most “switches to” for the past three months. This has been spurred by the supplier introducing a few ultra-competitive tariffs designed to lure wary customers back to the supplier; the cheapest with an average saving of over £292 for its Energy Plus Protection Dec 2020 v2 tariff. A spate of smaller and medium sized supplier collapses has meant energy customers are perhaps growing more cautious of switching to smaller suppliers. Just fewer than 8% of switches were away from Big Six providers last month.”

Simple switching

So how can you find these amazing deals? We’ve made it simple. You can compare energy tariffs here to find a great deal.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been with your energy company for more than a year, you can almost certainly save money. Why not compare today and see if you could be part of the savings we report in next month’s snapshot.