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E.ON Next

Want to learn more about E.ON Next? Read our guide to E.ON Next tariffs, pricing and services.

Want to learn more about E.ON Next? Read our guide to E.ON Next tariffs, pricing and services.

What is E.ON Next?

E.ON Next is the new face of E.ON that’s dedicated to 100% renewable electricity for UK homes. Most E.ON customers have already been moved over to E.ON Next.

How to contact E.ON Next

There are several ways to contact E.ON Next:

  • Phone: Mon-Thu (9am-5pm) and Fri (9am-4pm) on 0808 501 5200.
  • WhatsApp: 0808 5015 2000
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • E.On Next app lets you easily manage your account from anywhere

Why choose E.ON Next?

EON Next wants to help customers get more out of their energy. Like 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost and dedicated Energy Specialists for better continuity of service. 

It also offers a variety of discounted home energy solutions. These include discounts on new, more efficient boilers, home EV chargers, solar panels and batteries, as well as heat pumps and boiler cover.

E.ON Next is part of the wider E.ON group, one of Europe’s largest energy networks.

E.ON Next tariffs

There are several types of E.ON Next tariff. Here’s how E.ON Next prices depend on the tariff you’re on:

  • Standard variable tariffs (SVTs) — SVTs reflect the wholesale market, meaning the price per kWh can vary.
  • Dual fuel tariffs — simplifies your energy bill by bundling your gas and electricity. 
  • Pre-payment tariffs — you determine the amount you pay each month. However, your supply is cut off when you run out of credit. Historically, pre-payment tariffs have had a higher cost per unit of energy (kWh) compared to direct debit payments.
  • Next Drive tariff — a new electric vehicle tariff that gives you lower priced electricity when you charge your vehicle between midnight and 7am. This tariff can be fixed for a year and has no exit fees.
  • 100% renewable electricity fixed-rate tariffs — the price per unit of energy (kWh) remains fixed for  a contracted period. However, your bill will fluctuate based on your energy usage.

E.ON Next reviews

As of June 2023, E.ON Next has a ‘great’ rating on Trustpilot – a score of 4.2 stars out of five.

Find E.ON Next reviews on Trustpilot

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my E.ON Next supply?

Yes, you can cancel your E.ON Next tariff, or switch to another supplier, whenever you like.

If you’re on a variable tariff, you won’t need to pay any exit fees. However, if you’re on a fixed E.ON Next tariff, you’ll probably need to pay an exit fee for cancelling your contract early. Exit fees may apply per fuel, so one for electricity and one for gas.

Can I get a smart meter with E.ON Next?

Yes, you can get a smart meter with an E.ON Next tariff.

Some tariffs may require a smart meter. If this is the case, E.ON Next will contact you to arrange installation.

How can I complain to E.ON Next?

If you’re unhappy with your E.ON Next service or supply, you can make a complaint via:

How do I submit an E.ON Next meter reading?

If you have a smart meter, your meter readings will be automatically sent to E.ON Next.

Another quick way to submit a meter reading is using your E.ON Next account. Simply log in and enter your reading online.

If you’re unable to take your own meter readings, E.ON Next may send out an engineer to take a reading for you.

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