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Gadget Insurance

When you’re out and about, accidents can happen and with mobile phones, tablets, computers and other items costing a pretty penny, it’s good to know that you’re covered if the worst happens.

We are increasingly dependent on gadgets and if you add up the replacement price of the valuables you carry around, it might make you think twice about making sure they are covered by insurance. You might have to consider your:

- Smartphone
- Laptop
- Sat-Nav
- iPod
- Camera
- Headphones
- Fitness Tracker


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Does my home insurance cover my gadgets?

You might assume that all your possessions are covered on your home contents insurance policy and that you can rest easy if your smartphone takes a dive and smashes on the floor, but that can be an expensive assumption.

Items that are considered ‘walking wealth’, specifically smartphones and portable computers, can be excluded from your home insurance. So check your home insurance policy carefully. While we don’t offer standalone gadget insurance, other companies do offer this if it’s something you think you need.

You may also get a small amount of protection when you buy a gadget on a credit card and some bank accounts come with insurance as part of the package. Even some warranties are designed to cover minor mishaps.

Have a look through your policies. You might be in for a pleasant surprise and you’ll find that your gadgets are all covered and you don’t need to buy separate gadget cover at all. 

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What will you be covered for?

Gadgets have a harder life than the electrical equipment in our homes, be honest with yourself if your last four phones met an untimely end or you have a habit of leaving your laptop or camera on the train, you should really invest in insurance. You need an insurance policy that will pay out no matter how random the accident. A cracked screen is one of the most common mobile phone accidents, but there are lots other ways for modern gadgets to meet their untimely end.

You can spill a drink all over a laptop, leave your mobile phone on a restaurant table or have your Sat Nav stolen from your car. Any one of these could be tricky to explain to your home contents insurance provider and many standard policies don’t cover your devices.

You can usually get basic protection for your gadgets through your home contents insurance, through simple upgrades of personal possession and accidental damage cover to an existing or new policy.

Watch out for exclusions to the policy, though, as any phone that is more than six months old could, in fact, be uninsured. Be careful of the conditions, too, some policies won’t cover you if you left a gadget unattended and there could be a painful excess in the case of theft.

Read the policy to check if there’s a ‘single article limit’, too, which limits the pay-out for any one item. Compare the policies and decide whether you need accidental damage cover and also look at the excess and decide if your gadget is worth insuring after all.

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How affordable is it to cover my gadgets on my home insurance?

It may not affect your policy premium too much to add on cover for your gadgets. You may just need to call out specific items if they’re over the single article limit to make sure you’re adequately covered. Read about why people don't insure their phones too - it might convince you to get cover. 

Where can I get home contents insurance that covers gadgets?

You can find a home insurance policy that includes cover for your gadgets or your digital downloads by searching home contents insurance with us and sourcing the right amount of cover for you and your gadgets at the most affordable price.



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