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Adding jewellery to your home insurance

Your jewellery represents some of the most special moments in your life and it can be the most precious things you own in terms of financial and sentimental value.

Nobody can give you back the memories, but if you have full insurance cover for your jewellery, you can at least replace it via an insurance claim. Let us help you source the best jewellery insurance quote for you.

Does my home contents insurance cover my jewellery?

Home contents insurance can be limited in value.  For example, it could be based on the size of your home, so the limit for a four-bedroom home could be £40,000. A single piece of item, like an engagement ring or a jewellery that has been passed down the family can exceed that amount on its own and so it may not be covered by a standard insurance policy that has a single item limit of £1,500. However, you just need to specify each item that is worth more than this when getting a home insurance policy to make sure you’re adequately covered.

You may need  a valuation certificate or a receipt to make a claim so you just make sure your paperwork is up to date and you have a recent valuation, otherwise you could lose a great deal of money as well as something very precious to you. 

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What will I be covered for?

You may want your contents cover to go beyond the obvious problems like theft or loss, because simple accidental damage can cost serious money to repair when gold and precious stones are involved so you may need accidental damage cover too. 

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Things to consider with jewellery insurance

Even if you think your home contents insurance gives you cover for jewellery, you should check with the insurer for things like single-item limits and other clauses that could stop you recouping the full value of the item if you lost your prize possessions. Also check the policy limits on each individual item.

Then you need to know how much your jewellery is worth. This is more complex than it sounds when older jewellery such as gold and precious stones can appreciate in value.

The message is clear, get your jewellery valued regularly and save the certificate. Then you have a record to present to the insurance company should the worst happen.

You might not have to prove the value of the piece when you put it on your insurance, but if you make a claim then you might have to come up with the paperwork to support your case.

It’s possible your jewellery is completely covered on your home contents insurance, but it’s best not to gamble with the things you love the most. Make sure you have the right cover for you and get your jewellery insurance as part of your home contents insurance quote, right here with us.

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