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With the most expensive laptops retailing at thousands of pounds, it’s well worth thinking about how you could protect them against damage, theft and more. We take a look at the options.

With the most expensive laptops retailing at thousands of pounds, it’s well worth thinking about how you could protect them against damage, theft and more. We take a look at the options.

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Last Updated 18 NOVEMBER 2022

How can I insure my laptop?

Laptop insurance could help cover you financially if your laptop is stolen, lost or damaged. But there are a few factors to think about when deciding on the best laptop insurance for you.

Insurance for your laptop could be included as part of your home contents insurance or you can buy standalone theft and accidental damage laptop insurance – however, the latter isn’t something you can compare with Comparethemarket.

So, does my home insurance include insurance for my laptop?

Yes, potentially. A home contents policy often includes accidental damage insurance for laptops and other gadgets like mobile phones. Some policies also include laptop theft insurance.

Including a laptop in your home insurance cover is typically cheaper than taking out a separate policy. You might find that your laptop is already covered by your existing home policy, but there are a few details to check:

  • If you have a valuable, top-of-the-range laptop, it may exceed the single-item limit, which is often around £1,500. This is the maximum amount your policy will pay out for one item. If your laptop exceeds the single-item limit it will need to be listed separately, likely at an extra cost.
  • Your laptop might not be covered for accidental damage, for example, if a cup of tea was spilt on the keyboard and broke it. If it isn’t, you may be able to add accidental damage laptop insurance to your policy at an extra cost.

How does dedicated laptop insurance work?

Laptop insurance is a specific type of gadget insurance that you can buy as a standalone policy. It typically offers a higher level of cover for your laptop and other devices than you’d get with standard home contents insurance.

What does laptop insurance cover?

Laptop insurance policies can vary, but basic cover generally includes:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Travel cover – check if it’s worldwide or Europe only
  • Mechanical failure once your laptop’s out of warranty
  • Accessories cover.


A more comprehensive policy might also cover:

  • Replacement if your laptop is lost
  • Cracked screen
  • Unauthorised usage if your laptop is stolen or lost
  • Malicious damage
  • E-wallet protection in case of fraud
  • Fire damage
  • Family cover so you can pool your gadgets under one policy.

Is my laptop covered when I’m out and about?

Most home insurance policies only cover items when they’re inside your home. If you want laptop insurance for when you’re out and about, you could add cover for possessions outside the home at an extra cost.

What won’t laptop insurance cover?

Policy limits and exclusions vary between providers, but laptop insurance generally won’t cover:

  • Loss or theft of a laptop that’s been left unattended and in clear sight
  • Viruses and malware – unless you have a comprehensive or cyber policy
  • Claims made in the first 14 days of a policy
  • Refurbished laptops – unless they have a 12-month warranty
  • Old laptops – typically over 36 months
  • Scratches, scuffmarks, general wear and tear
  • Mechanical faults while your laptop is still under warranty.

Do I need laptop travel insurance?

Cover for your laptop should be included in a standard travel insurance policy, but single-item limits can be quite low. If your laptop is worth more than £200, it might be worth getting travel insurance with a laptop/gadget cover add-on. This type of travel insurance for your laptop offers a higher level of cover with higher limits, not just for your laptop, but for other expensive devices you’ll be taking with you, such as a smartphone, camera or wearables.

Do I need student laptop insurance?

If you’re a student, check if your laptop will be covered under your parents’ home insurance while you’re at university. If you have contents insurance on your student house check that policy to see if you’re covered or if you need additional laptop cover.

Some insurance providers specialise in insurance for uni students – so it’s worth taking a look as they may be better suited to your needs.

Does laptop insurance cover computer viruses?

It depends on the policy. Some won’t cover any lost data, some will offer limited cover on lost downloads and some will cover repairs if your laptop is harmed by a virus. If you’re a malware magnet, you might want to look for more comprehensive computer insurance with cyber cover.

Where can I find laptop insurance?

Comparethemarket’s simple comparison tool can help you compare quotes from a wide range of UK home insurance providers. Just tell us a little bit about yourself and the computer/laptop you want to insure, and we’ll do the rest.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need laptop or computer insurance if I have a warranty?

New laptops and computers come with warranties, but these typically only cover mechanical failures. They won’t cover you if your laptop is stolen, lost or damaged. Check the details of your warranty so you know exactly what’s covered and if you’ll need additional insurance.

Do I need proof of ownership to claim on insurance for my laptop?

To reduce fraud, insurance providers may ask for proof of ownership so they can be certain that the gadget you’re claiming for is yours. Make sure you keep your receipts or have proof of purchase via a bank or credit card statement. If you’ve been given your laptop as a gift, then you might need a gift receipt.

Will I get a new laptop if I make a claim?

It depends on the policy. Some pay out in cash, while others provide an equivalent replacement. If your laptop can’t be replaced with an identical version of a similar age, you’ll get one with the nearest specification. However, it won’t necessarily be the same colour or possibly even the same manufacturer as the original item.

Will I need to register my laptop on Immobilise?

Some insurance providers may ask you to register your device on Immobilise – the UK National Property Register. It helps police identify the owners of recovered property and might help track down a missing laptop. Check your policy to see if you need to register.

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