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What is a broadband package?

Most broadband providers offer packages, or ‘bundles’. This means that other services – usually phone and TV – are included as part of your broadband deal.

What types of broadband packages are there?

There are several options:

Just broadband

If you already have a landline and don’t want to pay for digital TV, you can get a broadband-only package.

At Compare the Market, we only offer unlimited data broadband packages, meaning you can browse, download and stream as often as you like.

Broadband and phone

Most broadband packages come with a phone line bundled in. Phone options include unlimited daytime, evening and/or weekend calls, free minutes to other numbers on the same network, pay-as-you-talk, as well as cheap local, national and/or international calls.

The phone package that’s right for you depends on when you tend to make landline calls, and where to. If you ring family abroad every day, you’ll want a package that gives you the best international call tariffs. But if you only call your nan in Sussex every weekend, you might be happy with free weekend calls.

Even if you never install or use the landline, it’s considerably more expensive to get broadband without one. Read carefully what’s included in the cost and whether there’s an installation fee.

Broadband and TV

All the main broadband providers offer digital TV packages with their broadband, with loads of paid channels and their own exclusive content too.

You can choose a TV package based on what you like to watch – sport or movies, for example – or just get one that gives you more choice of channels.

Not everyone can receive every digital TV service – it depends where you live.

Broadband, phone and TV

Having everything you need with one provider makes things easy to manage - and you can usually save by bundling together your broadband, phone and TV.

All the main providers offer complete packages, but make sure you look into the specifics of what the package includes.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of broadband bundles?

The main advantages of broadband bundles are convenience and cost. Everything is tied together under one contract for a set monthly fee, making it easier to manage your payments.
Bundles can also work out cheaper than separate contracts for each service. Providers may offer a discount if you bundle your broadband together with phone and TV.

Can I get a broadband and mobile bundle?

It can be difficult to find a broadband and mobile only bundle, as most providers only offer broadband with line rental.
However, it is possible to bundle your mobile with a broadband, TV and landline deal. These types of packages are known as ‘quad-play bundles’.
Providers who currently offer quad-play bundles include:

What should I look for in a broadband and TV package?

When looking for a broadband and TV package to suit you, consider:

  • Internet speed – if you also use streamed TV services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, a faster connection such as fibre optic broadband could be better for your needs.

    Use our broadband speed checker to see how fast your broadband connection is and how it compares with other providers in your area.
  • The type of TV channels you want – many providers offer bundles designed around genres, for example sports and movie packages.
  • Whether you want the range of entertainment channels offered by providers such as Virgin for example, or are happy with Freeview. After all, there’s no point in paying for hundreds of TV channels if you only ever watch a few.
  • Comparing both packages and separate services to work out which would be most cost-effective.
  • Checking to see if line rental is included in your broadband and TV bundle, or whether you have to pay extra.

What should I look for in a broadband and landline package?

Even if you don’t use your home phone that much, a broadband and landline package could still work out cheaper than paying for separate services.
When looking for a broadband and landline package, consider what features are offered, such as:

  • free minutes
  • international calls
  • cheap line rental
  • unlimited daytime, evening or weekend calls
  • broadband speed and usage.

Am I tied into my broadband package contract?

Broadband contracts can start from as little as one-month rolling contracts but typically last 12 or 18 months. If you want out during this time – you might be renting for six months, for example – you might have to pay an exit fee. So it makes sense to do your research and make sure you end up with the bundle you want.

How do I know what broadband options are available in my area?

Use our postcode checker when you start to compare packages. We’ll list out the relevant TV, broadband and phone packages for you to choose from.

What do I need to compare deals?

To find the right broadband deal for you, simply enter your postcode, tell us the name of your current provider, then choose the type of package you want.
In less than a minute, you can start comparing the latest broadband bundle deals.

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