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What is a broadband package?

Most providers offer broadband packages or ‘bundles’. This means other services – usually phone and TV – are included in your broadband package deal.

What types of broadband packages are there? 

Looking for a broadband package? There are several options to choose between:

Broadband only

If you already have a landline and don’t want to pay for digital TV, you can get a broadband-only package (although not all providers offer these).

At Compare the Market, we only offer unlimited data broadband packages. These let you browse, download and stream as much as you like, with no restrictions.  

Broadband, phone and TV

The main providers usually offer digital TV packages with their broadband. This gives you a whole host of paid channels, together with the provider’s own exclusive content.

You can choose a TV package based on what you like to watch – sport or movies, say – or simply opt for a bigger choice of channels.

You may not be able to receive every digital TV service as it depends where you live.

Broadband and TV

Most main broadband providers offer digital TV packages with their broadband, with loads of paid channels and their own exclusive content too. 

You can choose a TV package based on what you like to watch – sport or movies, for example – or just get one that gives you more choice of channels. 

Not everyone can receive every digital TV service, it depends where you live.

Broadband and phone

Most broadband packages come with a phone line included. This could give you deals like unlimited daytime, evening and/or weekend calls, free minutes to other numbers on the same network or pay-as-you-talk. You might also qualify for cheap local, national and/or international calls.

To decide which phone package is best for you, you’ll need to consider who you’re calling and when. If you ring family abroad every day, you’ll want the package with the best international call tariffs. But if you only call your nan in Sussex every weekend, you might be happy with free weekend calls.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to opt for a broadband-only deal. Check carefully what’s included and whether you’ll have to pay an installation fee.

What type of broadband is available in a bundle?

When you’re looking for the best WiFi packages or broadband deals for you, your choice will depend on what’s available where you live.

The main types of broadband in the UK are:

  • ADSL broadband – delivers your internet using the copper phone line. This is the most common type of broadband, available to virtually every home in the UK – and the slowest. The maximum speed is around 24Mbps (megabits per second).
  • Superfast fibre broadband – offers speeds of up to 80Mbps. Faster and more reliable than ADSL, superfast broadband is the most popular type of broadband in the UK.
  • Ultrafast and giga-capable broadband – delivers lightning-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps through either full fibre or cable networks. Ultrafast broadband is ideal if you have a large household or use the internet a lot for streaming, working or gaming.

Find out what broadband speed and what speeds are available in your area with our broadband speed checker.

What are the advantages of broadband bundles?

The main advantages of broadband bundles are convenience and cost. Everything is tied together in one contract for a set monthly fee, making it easier to manage your payments. 

Bundles could also work out cheaper than separate contracts. Providers may give you a discount if you bundle together your broadband with phone and TV.

Even if you don’t use your landline, you could find a broadband and phone package costs less than broadband only.

Some providers throw in cashback or free gifts – but while these are a nice added bonus, they shouldn’t be your main reason for choosing a deal.

What are the disadvantages of broadband bundles?

Getting a broadband package from one provider can have downsides. You might be tempted into extras like movie and sport channels, which could significantly hike your bill. This could be a waste of money if you don’t end up using them.

Most broadband packages have long contracts – usually 12, 18 or 24 months. That’s a long time to be tied in if the package isn’t working for you.

If you leave before your contract’s up, it’s likely you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee, which could be expensive.

What should I think about when choosing a broadband package?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a broadband package:


You might find you can’t access some deals – use our postcode checker to find out what’s available where you live.


Whether you need superfast speeds will depend on the size of your household and how you use the internet. Use our speed checker to test your internet speed and compare it with other providers in your area.


As well as the monthly cost, check for extra fees or installation costs.

Contract length

Most broadband deals are available as 12, 18 or 24-month packages, although some providers, such as Virgin Media, offer 30-day short-term contract deals.


Check if you need to pay for equipment, such as set-top boxes and routers, or if these are included in the deal.


Some deals include vouchers, cashback or rewards for new customers.

Customer service

Good customer service and tech support are essential if your internet goes down. Check online reviews for the providers you’re comparing. It’s also worth reading Ofcom’s annual broadband customer service report.

Broadband guides

Our handy guides offer a wealth of information about broadband – from broadband for gamers to MiFi and VoIP. Find out how to choose the right broadband package and get the lowdown on different connection types, like ADSL and fibre. Got a question? You can find the answer in our help centre.

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for in a broadband and TV package?

When looking for a broadband and TV package to suit you, consider: 

  • Internet speed – if you regularly stream Netflix or Amazon Prime, you’ll probably need a faster connection like fibre optic broadband or gigabit broadband
  • The type of TV channels you want – many providers offer bundles designed around sport and movies.
  • Whether you want a range of entertainment channels, or are happy with Freeview. There’s no point paying for hundreds of TV channels if you only watch a few.
  • If you watch TV on your other devices, like your phone or tablet. 

It’s worth comparing packages against buying services separately to see which is cheaper.

What should I look for in a broadband and phone package?

When looking for a broadband and landline package,  consider what features are offered. For example: 

  • Free minutes 
  • International calls 
  • Cheap line rental 
  • Unlimited daytime, evening or weekend calls 
  • Broadband speed and usage. 

Even if you don’t use your home phone much, a broadband and landline package could work out cheaper than paying for separate services. If you really don’t want to use your landline, simply unplug your phone from the socket.

Am I tied into my broadband package contract?

Broadband contracts can be flexible but most will keep you tied in with an early termination fee.

How much you’ll pay will depend on your provider, but most make you pay for each month remaining on the contract. They may also charge you for equipment like the router.

This could make leaving your contract a costly decision, even if you only have a few months left. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and get the right bundle first time.

What do I need to compare deals?

To find the right broadband deal for you, simply enter your postcode, tell us the name of your current provider, then choose the type of package you want.

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