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How should I insure a property that I let to a family member?

If you decide to rent out your property to another member of your family, it may be tempting to be relaxed when it comes to the paperwork. After all, it’s not like renting to an ordinary third party is it?

Well, yes, we’re afraid it is, or at least it should be.

Tenancy Agreement

It’s very common for landlords to let their properties to family members. Most experts would recommend that you put in place a tenancy agreement of some description.

Whilst the temptation might be not to bother, things can go wrong in family situations. There is sometimes a lot of ‘political’ pressure between family members, and money can often be at the heart of family squabbles.

A tenancy agreement will make it absolutely clear what your obligations are as a landlord, and what your family member’s obligations are as the tenant or a lodger

 home and contents insurance form - Renting to family member


It makes sense, irrespective of who your tenant is, to get proper landlord insurance cover and rental protection.

In some ways, landlord insurance is pretty much the same as regular home insurance. For example, the buildings insurance aspect will be pretty standard. However, a regular home insurance policy wouldn’t cover you for liability (if your tenant hurts themselves in your property for example) or legal cover, in the event of disputes or unpaid rent. This comes as an option with landlord insurance.

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