How to save money on your home insurance

Looking for ways to save on your home insurance? Here are our top tips on how you could reduce the price of your premiums.

Looking for ways to save on your home insurance? Here are our top tips on how you could reduce the price of your premiums.

Helen Phipps
Insurance expert
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Posted 26 JANUARY 2021

Don’t overestimate your buildings insurance

Overestimate your home insurance and you could pay over the odds for your premium. This often happens with buildings insurance, where people make the mistake of insuring their home for its market value, rather than what it would cost to rebuild. If you're not sure on how much it would cost to rebuild your home, we will help you do this when you get a quote through Compare the Market.

Make sure your home contents are insured for the right amount

When you take out contents insurance, your insurance provider will want to know how much your belongings are worth. Be as accurate as you can – if you overestimate, you'll pay too much for your contents insurance; if you underestimate, you could find yourself underinsured in the event of a claim.

Consider increasing your voluntary excess

Home insurance excess is the amount you'll have to pay if you make a claim on your insurance. It's usually made up of a compulsory excess and a voluntary excess:

  • Compulsory excess is set by the insurance provider and can't be changed
  • Voluntary excess is the amount you choose to pay in addition to the compulsory excess.

Increasing your voluntary excess might help reduce your home insurance premium. But you'll have to pay both types of excess if you make a claim, so make sure you can afford the combined total.

Make sure you’re not doubling up on your possessions insurance

Check your home contents insurance policy to make sure your phone, laptop and jewellery are insured when you're out and about.

Some insurance providers offer personal possessions insurance, which covers your valuables if they're lost or stolen in the street. If your home insurance policy doesn't include it, you can usually add it for an extra cost.

Check you're not doubling up on cover elsewhere. Maybe your bank account includes mobile phone cover? Perhaps you took out insurance on your tablet or laptop when you bought them, or have a gadget insurance policy? If you find yourself with duplicate cover, then you could save yourself some money by cancelling the duplicate cover.

Consider installing a security system

If you have a good security system in place, your insurance provider may consider lowering your premium. But they will take other factors into account, such as where you live, how good the system is, the kind of property it is and how well it's been maintained.

And if you install a security system that goes over and above your insurance provider's minimum requirements, the installation cost may outweigh any potential savings – although the added security could prevent a burglary.

Build up a good no-claims discount

As with car insurance, if you don't claim on your home insurance you could be rewarded with a lower premium next year – this is known as a no-claims discount.

Your insurance provider may offer increasing reductions for every year that you don't make a claim – typically up to four or five years, though some insurance providers may offer discounts for longer.

But remember, insurance is there to help you when things go wrong, so don't be afraid to claim on it when you need to.

Buy your buildings and contents insurance from the same insurance provider

Buying both your buildings and your contents insurance from the same insurance provider could save you money. It can also have other benefits like if you need to make a claim for both your buildings and contents, you don't have to call two different providers to tell them what's happened.

Pay upfront

If you can afford to, consider paying for your home insurance in one go as an annual fee. Paying monthly can cost more as you may be charged interest on the instalments.

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