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Wedding Ring Insurance

Your wedding ring and your dress are a symbol of your love and the most special day of your life. Of course it would be tragic to lose them or have them stolen, but these things do happen in life.

So all you can do is to make sure you’re properly covered and that you have a rock solid home contents insurance policy that covers your precious items. We can help you get the best deal on an insurance policy that suits you.

Does my home contents insurance cover my wedding ring?

There’s no doubt that losing your wedding ring could leave you with more than emotional scars. It could be a crushing financial blow too, if you don’t have the right insurance.

We don’t have any insurance providers that offer specific engagement ring or wedding ring insurance, but most home insurance policies will offer protection for loss or theft to items within your home. But do carefully check the level of cover you have and see if it meets your needs. Some companies exclude personal possessions outside the home altogether, others have strict limits on the amount you can claim for a single item, or for the total claim, and it can be as low as £1,500. A wedding ring can easily exceed that – so you must make sure you specify it when buying your home insurance so that it is covered adequately.

You can get that extra peace of mind by naming specific valuable items of jewellery as part of your home contents insurance cover. And you can also take out an extra layer of cover called personal possessions insurance which will cover you for loss or theft outside of the home.

But do bear in mind that if you lose your ring, and make a claim on your home insurance policy you could potentially lose your no claims bonus on your home insurance. So check the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you’re getting the right level of cover that best suits your circumstances. 

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What will I be covered for?

Insuring your wedding ring should give you a little peace of mind. Of course, if you were to lose it, or it was stolen we can’t prevent the sentimental loss, but we can save you from the financial blow. If you’re covered through your home contents insurance policy, you’ll at least get the money to replace it.

If your ring is an heirloom, or even if you have been married for a while, we recommend that you get a valuation by a specialist jeweller to make sure your insurance policy covers you for the right amount. Your insurance company may not ask you to prove the value when you take out the policy, but if you make a claim then you may have to show how much it’s worth.

Experts recommend you get all major pieces of jewellery valued every two years as gold and precious stones can appreciate in value substantially. So if you have been married for ten years then your ring could be worth much more than you paid for it. Without an up to date valuation, you may not be able to claim back what it is worth if you lose it.

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How affordable is it to add my wedding ring to my home insurance?

You can usually add your wedding ring to your home contents insurance quotes.

This is one of the most significant items you will ever own and the peace of mind that proper protection will give you is priceless. So don’t hesitate. Get a home contents insurance quote from a range of leading insurance providers with us right now and sleep easy knowing that you can get your wedding ring covered. 

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