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Home insurance for a two-bedroom house or flat

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Do I need buildings insurance for a two-bedroom house or flat?

Buildings insurance is a good idea for home owners to have, regardless of the number of bedrooms in their home. It will provide cover for the basic structure of your house, as well as all the permanent fixtures (fixed cupboards and cabinets, toilet, etc) within it. While buildings insurance isn’t compulsory, most mortgage lenders will insist upon it.  

If you’re a leaseholder in a flat, then the building might be insured by the person or company who owns the freehold. Your solicitor should be able to advise you if you need to take out buildings insurance, as it will be set out in the lease.

If you rent, then it is your landlord’s responsibility to sort out building insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Will the number of bedrooms in my home affect my contents insurance?

Yes, it will. Think about it – the more bedrooms you have, the more stuff you’re likely to have.  

When you take out contents insurance for your home, you need to make sure that you insure your belongings for the right amount so they’re all protected. You can do this in three ways:

  • total up the amount the contents of your home are worth – this is known as a sum-insured policy
  • choose an unlimited sum-insured policy – where all your contents are covered and you don’t have to worry
  • pick a policy where the insurance provider works out the contents cover based on the number of bedrooms you have, based on typical values – this is known as a bedroom-rated policy

The third type of policy is more convenient because there’s no need for you to take the time and effort to work out the exact amount that your household possessions are worth.  

However, it’s based on average values, so if you have a lot of valuable items you should check that it will give you sufficient total cover. And even with this kind of policy, most insurance providers impose a single item limit – the maximum they will pay for an individual item – so you’ll need to tell your provider about any items worth more than that limit.

It’s also worth remembering that insurance providers will count as a bedroom any room used as, or originally built to be, a bedroom, even if it’s used for other purposes. So, if you had three bedrooms and turned one into a study or dressing room, it would count as a three-bedroom home, not a two-bedroom. Check exactly what your insurance provider defines as a bedroom in your policy.

But it’s not just the number of bedrooms that can affect the cost of home insurance. Where you live, your previous claims history, and how secure your home is will also affect your premium – as will any policy add-ons such as legal cover.

Tips for saving money on home insurance premiums for a two-bedroom house or flat

No matter how big or small your home is, you’re probably looking for advice to help you keep your home insurance premiums as low as they can be.  

The most important thing to do is to ensure that you compare quotes from various insurance providers to find a great-value deal for the insurance cover you need.  

If you’re keen to get both buildings and contents insurance, it’s worth considering taking both policies out with the same provider. Many home insurance providers offer combined policies at a discounted rate.  

Consider opting for a higher excess (the amount you’re required to pay towards the cost of any claim) to bring down your premium – but just make sure that you can actually afford to pay it. 

Pay your premium in one go at the beginning of the year, rather than on a monthly basis as you’ll probably be charged interest. 

Get quotes on home insurance for a two bedroom house or flat

Compare the Market is here to help you compare quotes to insure your two bedroom home quickly and efficiently. Simply provide us with a few details and we’ll give you a list of quotes from some of the UK’s best-known home insurance providers. 

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