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Home insurance for non-standard properties

A non-standard home as far as insurers are concerned, is one that is not built from normal materials. This could mean that rather than stone or brick walls, the construction is wood or perhaps cob. Instead of a tiled roof, it is perhaps constructed from shingle or even thatched.

A number of UK insurers will only offer home insurance for standard properties. If you’re realising that your property is ‘non-standard’ don’t panic, you’ll still be able to get covered, you’ll just need to find an insurer who is happy to take on such properties.

Will that make my insurance more expensive?

Maybe. Typically, when it comes to home building insurance, it is the rebuild cost which is taken into account when calculating your premium. With standard builds, this is a straightforward process as the calculation used is one that is used repeatedly.

With non-standard materials this makes assessing the likely rebuild cost more difficult. As a result insurers are likely to increase your premiums to cover the uncertainty.

Non standard home insurance property example

Are there other non-standard risks?

You’ll have noticed that when you apply for home insurance, you get asked a lot of questions. These are designed to look at any other risks that are deemed non-standard by the insurer.

These could include:

  • Living in an area which has a history of flooding.
  • Your home has previously suffered from subsidence.
  • You leave the house empty for more than 30 days at a time.
  • You have tall trees growing near to the building.
  • Your home is also used as a place of work.
  • You have been declared bankrupt.
  • You have an unspent criminal conviction.

None of these factors mean that you won’t be able to get insurance, it just means that you’ll likely be treated as a non-standard risk and as a result may find your quoted premium is higher than would otherwise be the case.

At comparethemarket.com we have insurers that cater for both standard and non-standard home insurance. The process of comparing is simple and once you’ve entered your details and answered the standard questions we’ll show you quotes from insurance providers that are prepared to insure your home.


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