How has COVID-19 changed people's bucket lists?

We all have places we want to see and things we want to achieve, but the pandemic and resulting lockdowns have definitely highlighted all the things we’ve taken for granted and increased our desire to explore. 
We wanted to see just how much lockdown has impacted our lust for life, so we surveyed Brits to see whether they have a bucket list, what’s on it, and if they’ve added to it during lockdown. 

36% of Brits made a bucket list during lockdown 

Most (64%) Brits had a bucket list they’d compiled pre-lockdown, full of adventures they wanted to have including travelling and learning new skills. However, during lockdown, an additional 36% of Brits decided to make a bucket list to have things to look forward to when lockdown ends.  
Of the people who made a bucket list pre-lockdown, 12.8% added an adrenaline-seeking activity to their list during lockdown.

57% say the lockdown has made them realise life’s too short 

Of the people who said they started a bucket list during lockdown, 57.1% said it was because they realised life’s too short, and 41.6% said they wanted to start living their lives to the full. Others said they want to push themselves out of their comfort zones post-lockdown (35.5%). 
32.8% want to tick off everything on their bucket list in the next five-10 years.  
Of the people who created a bucket list during lockdown, most said they wanted to see more of the world (59.3%), followed by spending more time with family and friends (44.3%). Learning a new skill (41.3%) and buying a home (36%) also featured high on people’s wish lists. 
Most people want to tick off their bucket list items with their partner (48%), but 21% say they want to achieve their goals by themselves. 

Working overtime during the pandemic has changed people’s outlook

During lockdown, Brits on average worked 2.9 hours overtime each week. Now 45.2% want a better work-life balance after lockdown so they can achieve their bucket list dreams. 
But 18-24-year-olds, in particular, say they feel working overtime has helped them realise they want to fulfil their career aspirations post-lockdown (56.9%). 

Top tips for achieving your bucket list dreams

Whether you’ve already created your bucket list or are thinking about starting one, our top tips will help you tick off everything you want to do. 

Be realistic

There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing an unticked bucket list a few years down the line. So, it’s important to be realistic with your goals – and if you have a major achievement you want to tick off, then set yourself baby steps to do it.  
For example, if one of your dreams is to run a marathon but you’ve never done more than jog, then you’re going to have to plan. Start off by setting yourself a target of running 1km, then build up over time. 

Set deadlines

If you want to learn a language or a new skill like playing a musical instrument, set milestones to spur you on. You might decide you want to be able to play a particular song by a particular date, for example.

Don’t add something to your bucket list just because you think you should 

Not that bothered about travelling overseas? Does the thought of running any further than the bus stop fill you with dread? Don’t worry about what other people are doing – think about what you want to achieve and add that goal to your list. 
One thing’s for sure: the lockdown has highlighted everything we’ve previously taken for granted and made us want to live life to the full. By having a bucket list in place, you can start working towards everything you want to achieve, giving you lots of things to look forward to in the future. 

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Survey of 1,000 UK adults undertaken in March 2021.