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Making a life insurance claim: a guide

Making a life insurance claim: a guide

The period after someone close to you has died is difficult. Read our guide to help you through making a life insurance claim.

Kamran Altaf
From the Life team
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Posted 6 DECEMBER 2019

3 steps for making a life insurance claim

Here’s how to make a life insurance claim, plus answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on pay-outs.

1. Find any relevant policy details

When taking out life cover – or any other type of insurance – it’s good practice to keep all the relevant policy documents where they can be easily found. This can get tricky, of course, when you need to find someone else’s policy details. If you’re unsure of the deceased’s life insurance provider, then the Association of British Insurers (ABI) could help. Look for the register of consolidations on their website.

2. Contact the deceased’s life insurance provider

When you’ve found the relevant policy details, read them and find out if the person is covered. Contact the provider to let them know you plan to make a claim. (Their number will usually be listed on the policy document and on their website.) Life insurance providers have considerate staff who regularly deal with people who are grieving; they may also be able to make certain arrangements on your behalf.

3. Make a claim

It’s likely that you’ll need to submit various documents along with a claim form. Be sure to complete the form accurately so that your claim isn’t delayed. There are many different types of life insurance and if your claim relates to someone who’s died, one of the most important documents will be the death certificate which shows the cause of death. A provider will need to see a certified copy of the death entry, and you’ll be able to get this when you register the death with the funeral director.

You’ll then need to send the insurance provider the claim form, the original life insurance policy and death certificate, and any other relevant documents they ask for.

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