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Insurance expert

Faith Archer is an award-winning money journalist, previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph and now a columnist at Woman & Home and blogger at Much More With Less.

Faith aims to make money matters easier to understand, with practical tips on everything from household bills and family budgeting to investments, pensions and tax.

Faith commenting on life insurance...

“No one wants to think about dying, but life insurance can help protect your loved ones financially if the worst happens.   

Do consider how much your family would need to get by if you weren’t around. Clearing the mortgage might not be enough if they couldn’t afford food and heating.  

The good news is that if you compare life insurance quotes, you’ll find that the younger you are when you take out a policy, the cheaper it’s likely to be.” 

Hacks to cut your petrol bills 

While it’s obvious that driving less will reduce your spending on fuel, you don’t need to ditch your car completely to cut consumption. Changing your driving habits can make substantial savings. Plus, saving on petrol also has environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. 

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How to get ready for Christmas without breaking the bank 

If you get stuck into some Christmas prep now you can save a bundle come the big day – and wake up less stressed too. 

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How to make sure you're financially protected at every life stage 

Let’s be honest, none of us like to think about dying as it's too depressing. But when you consider figures from Royal London, which show that nearly six out of every 10 of us die without a will, it seems like when it comes to passing away, few of us accept that it will ever actually happen. 

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