Faith Archer

Insurance expert

Faith Archer is an award-winning money journalist, previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph and now a columnist at Woman & Home and blogger at Much More With Less.

Faith aims to make money matters easier to understand, with practical tips on everything from household bills and family budgeting to investments, pensions and tax.

Faith commenting on life insurance...

“No one wants to think about dying, but life insurance can help protect your loved ones financially if the worst happens.   

Do consider how much your family would need to get by if you weren’t around. Clearing the mortgage might not be enough if they couldn’t afford food and heating.  

The good news is that if you compare life insurance quotes, you’ll find that the younger you are when you take out a policy, the cheaper it’s likely to be.” 

Tips to take the stress out of your long-awaited holiday

Booking your first big family holiday after months of being stuck at home piles on the pressure. The pandemic adds anxiety to the joyful prospect of venturing abroad, whether you are heading to Tokyo or Torremolinos. Will it be worth the wait? Will everyone enjoy it? Will Covid still manage to disrupt your trip? 

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Dog thefts up 250% during the pandemic: Here's how to keep your pooch safe 

Demand for puppies surged during the pandemic - for every available pup offered for sale in May 2020, there were 420 prospective buyers competing to take them home. As a result, prices soared – and sadly so did a rise in dog theft - with DogLost, a charity, saying that 465 thefts were reported to them in 2020, versus a total of 172 in 2019. 

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How to use Monopoly to teach your kids about money 

If you want to teach your children about money, crack out the ever-popular board game Monopoly – you’ll be surprised what they can learn while you’re all having fun. 

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The Pink Tax: how women are charged more on products from mortgages to moisturiser 

The Pink Tax, as this phenomenon is known, has been around for years and manufacturers tend to justify it by saying female products have more expensive formulas, fancier packaging and more complex fragrances than the male alternative.

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Financial lessons kids can learn from Animal Crossing and other online games 

Don’t despair if your children are glued to screens and consoles. They might be learning valuable lessons about money. Whether your kids are using apps specifically designed for financial education, or popular games that happen to include money content, it can all help with later life.

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Has lockdown left you financially better off? Here’s how ”accidental savers” can put their cash to work 

Though many have suffered financially due to lockdown, some consumers have seen their income exceed their spending and have beefed up their bank balances as a result. If your savings have received a boost, here’s how you can put your cash to work. 

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Covid one year on: What you can do if you’ve been struggling 

Money is tight for millions of people due to coronavirus, but there are ways to tackle your financial worries and claw your way back into control. 

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Social media gurus: what to watch out for and what to do if you’re not happy 

Nowadays, you can hardly venture onto social media without tripping over gurus offering to help you meet your goals. Everyone from personal trainers and nutrition advisers to wellness gurus, life and financial coaches have valuable tips to share, but often for a price.

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How to ask your boss for a pay rise when there isn't any money 

Asking for a pay rise can mean far more than extra income, if your boss doesn’t have any cash to spare.  Here's how to get rewarded for all your hard work. 

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Funding Fertility: how to get a good deal when paying for treatment 

Funding fertility treatment can add a massive financial burden to the physical and emotional issues for those struggling to have a baby. 

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Lifestyle inflation: how it could be sabotaging your savings

Ever wondered why you never seem to have enough money, even though you get decent pay and pay rises? You could be suffering from lifestyle inflation. 

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Tax tips that can save women serious cash 

Women’s money has been hit hardest by the pandemic. But the good news is that there are tax breaks available that can mean you keep some extra cash in your pocket; you just need to know where to look. 

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Matched Betting: bad for your money and your mental health 

Matched betting offers the enticing prospect of risk-free, tax-free money, but it can also tempt the vulnerable into damaging losses. 

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Great apps for managing your money and your mental health

Mental health conditions can make it harder to earn money, cope with managing money and control spending. 

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How to make sure you're financially protected at every life stage 

Let’s be honest, none of us like to think about dying as it's too depressing. But when you consider figures from Royal London, which show that nearly six out of every 10 of us die without a will, it seems like when it comes to passing away, few of us accept that it will ever actually happen. 

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Hacks to cut your petrol bills 

While it’s obvious that driving less will reduce your spending on fuel, you don’t need to ditch your car completely to cut consumption. Changing your driving habits can make substantial savings. Plus, saving on petrol also has environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. 

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How to be quids in with cashback 

Cashback lets you earn money on spending you would do anyway, from food and clothes to utility bills and insurance policies. 

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Why mental health can cost you on your insurance and what to do about it 

Mental health issues can make it more difficult and more expensive to get all types of insurance, but it's possible to find good quality cover for less. 

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Protect your digital legacy – what it’s really worth and what you need to do to pass it on to your loved ones 

We live so much of our lives online, our presence spirals out across the web. 

Think about all the accounts you have, from banking, email and social media to digital photos, music, websites and blogs. 

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How to get ready for Christmas without breaking the bank 

If you get stuck into some Christmas prep now you can save a bundle come the big day – and wake up less stressed too. 

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Has Covid left you paying for insurance you can’t use? 

Coronavirus and the resulting restrictions turned the world upside down, leaving many people paying for insurance they could not use. 

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