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Faith Archer

Insurance expert

Faith Archer is an award-winning money journalist, previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph and now a columnist at Yours and blogger at Much More With Less.

Faith aims to make money matters easier to understand, with practical tips on everything from household bills and family budgeting to investments, pensions and tax.

You can find Faith at

Faith’s experience

Faith at The Daily Telegraph

After three years as a reporter for the publication, Faith became the Deputy Personal Finance Editor for The Daily Telegraph. She led coverage on personal finance, as well as insurance products, to help people understand how to save money and get the right cover.

Since leaving the Telegraph, Faith has written about money matters as a freelance journalist for publications including The Financial Times, the iPaper, Mirror Online, the Money Advice Service, Woman’s Weekly, Good Housekeeping and Red, and appears regularly on BBC Radio.

Faith was also a money saving columnist for Woman&Home for more than three years and continues to contribute occasional features.

Faith at The Times

When writing for the Sunday Times and its Money Mentor section, Faith makes complicated money topics relatable for everybody. She covers everything from insurance, investments and mortgages to the cost of living.

Faith at Yours

Faith writes fortnightly for Yours magazine. Her articles and features cover all sorts of consumer money topics, such as family budgeting, pensions and tax.

Faith Archer commenting on...

Hacks to cut your petrol bills 

While it’s obvious that driving less will reduce your spending on fuel, you don’t need to ditch your car completely to cut consumption. Changing your driving habits can make substantial savings. Plus, saving on petrol also has environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. 

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How to get ready for Christmas without breaking the bank 

If you get stuck into some Christmas prep now you can save a bundle come the big day – and wake up less stressed too. 

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How to make sure you're financially protected at every life stage 

Let’s be honest, none of us like to think about dying as it's too depressing. But when you consider figures from Royal London, which show that nearly six out of every 10 of us die without a will, it seems like when it comes to passing away, few of us accept that it will ever actually happen. 

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Faith Archer elsewhere on the web...

Budget 2023: energy, pensions and childcare

Much More With Less

“I watched the Budget 2023 speech so you didn’t have to, with limited surprises because most of the big changes had been leaked beforehand.

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, was at pains to point out that his homework had been marked by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), trying to avoid the financial firestorm that raged after his predecessor’s madness.

So what was new? And what was actually relevant?”

Read the article.

Holiday home insurance explained

The Times

”Specialist holiday home cover is often needed where a property will be vacant, as being vacant will make it more vulnerable to burglary and weather-related damage.

For example, a leak that might get spotted after a few hours in your main home could become an acute and expensive problem ifonly discovered after a few weeks.”

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What does the Autumn Statement mean for pensions and ISAs?


”Since the Autumn Statement was delivered on 17 November, pensions and individual savings accounts (ISAs) have become more important than ever before. The economy’s in crisis, inflation‘s soaring, households face rising energy costs, bills
and interest rates. The latest Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has had to make tough choices.”

Read the article.

Faith Archer in the press...

Cost of living tips from 5 Live listeners


”Energy bills are growing and becoming “overwhelmingly high” says personal finance journalist Faith Archer.

She recommends calculating your total expenditure for bills, by looking through any bank statements, direct debits and standing orders.

More and more people have signed up to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ since the pandemic, but Faith suggests “now is the time to review how many of these services you still use”.

Read the article.

SAVING PLAN From apps to spreadsheets, six tips to sort out your household finances as cost-of-living crisis bites

The Sun

“Faith Archer, money blogger at Much More With Less, says: “Typing my outgoings into a spreadsheet makes me much more aware of what I spend. I set mine up with pages for normal spending, regular bills and income.

Writing everything down really forces me to think about where my money has gone, rather than glossing over individual purchases in bigger spending pots.”

Read the article.

Financial bloggers and experts share their best advice for facing the cost of living crisis


“It’s no coincidence that this has followed Boris Johnson urging the public not to go on buses, trams and trains wherever they can avoid it. It seems to be part and parcel of getting into a ‘new normal’. They’re relatively cheaper options for commuting, they can help you get around easily in congested urban areas, and they’re easier to park in tight spots. They can also be a much more viable option than walking or cycling for the majority of people whose commute is longer than five miles.”

Read the article.

Faith Archer in the media...

How you can save money on everyday goods

BBC Radio

Faith chats to Winifred Robinson about how to make savings on everyday items on your shopping list.

Listen here.

Money Saving Tips with Faith Archer

East London Radio

Faith discusses the cost-of-living crisis and shares ways to save money on The Complaining Cow Consumer Show.

Listen here.

The financial guide to giving to charity with Faith Archer

Share Radio

Faith talks to Juliette Foster about how to make your donations go further with tips and tricks for giving to charity, as well as reducing your own tax bill.

Listen here.

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