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Faith Archer

Insurance expert

Faith Archer is an award-winning money journalist, previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph and now a columnist at Yours and blogger at Much More With Less.

Faith has written about money matters as a freelance journalist for publications including The Telegraph, The Financial Times, the Sunday Times, Mirror Online, Woman&Home, Woman, Woman’s Weekly and the government’s Money and Pensions Service, as well as appearing regularly on BBC Radio.

Faith aims to make money matters easier to understand, with practical tips on everything from household bills and family budgeting to investments, pensions and tax.

You can find Faith at

Faith's Background

“As an award-winning personal finance journalist and money blogger, I’ve been creating content about money matters for more than 20 years.

Previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph, I have been a freelance journalist since 2007 and have written for national newspapers and magazines as well as appearing regularly on radio, television and podcasts discussing money issues and providing tips.

I am the founder of Much More With Less, a blog all about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it, where I write about everything from frugal food and budget activities for kids to investments, pensions and tax.”

Faith’s goal as a guest author at Compare the Market

“I’m passionate about helping people make the most of their money.
To me, money isn’t boring – it can set you free. Money brings freedom and choice, but lack of it, as debt, can destroy lives. Hopefully, I can share my knowledge of tricky money matters and make them easier to understand.”

Faith’s qualifications

  • University of Cambridge
    Master of Arts (M.A) Law and History of Art

Faith’s awards

Faith’s experience

Faith at The Daily Telegraph

After three years as a reporter for the publication, Faith became the Deputy Personal Finance Editor for The Daily Telegraph. She led coverage on personal finance, as well as insurance products, to help people understand how to save money and get the right cover.

Faith at The Times

When writing for the Sunday Times and its Money Mentor section, Faith makes complicated money topics relatable for everybody. She covers everything from insurance, investments and mortgages to the cost of living.

Faith at Yours

Faith writes fortnightly for Yours magazine. Her articles and features cover all sorts of consumer money topics, such as family budgeting, pensions and tax.

Faith Archer elsewhere on the web...

Telegraph: 'I spent a week living on little more than the state pension – it wasn’t much of a life'

“For me, living on £246 a week for the previous minimum living standard budget meant there was little left after deducting chunky household costs. Stripping my expenses down to just the essential bills – council tax, water, electricity, heating oil, broadband and landline, mobile, TV licence and home insurance – came to just over £182 a week, leaving less than £64 for everything else.”

The Times: Guide to joint policy life insurance

“Is a joint policy suitable for non-married couples?
Absolutely. Don’t assume a joint policy is only life insurance for married couples – you don’t have to be married, in a civil partnership, or even in a romantic relationship at all; business partners might consider a joint policy.”

Telegraph: The middle-class homeowners being forced to call a debtline

“Middle-class homeowners struggling to make ends meet are seeking help from a debt advice line as soaring mortgage rates and bills take their toll.

These middle-income earners, who have faced unexpected financial struggles due to rising costs, have typically not had prior experience of debt, according to the Money and Pensions Service (Maps), which is the largest funder of free debt advice in England. Among those affected are landlords and those on salaries of more than £65,000.”

Faith Archer in the press...

Independent: How to be frugal: Easy money-saving hacks from people who’ve mastered cutting back

‘For Faith Archer, a money blogger at Much More With Less, frugal living doesn’t mean zapping all the fun out of life – and trimming back by embracing second-hand and pre-loved shopping makes her money go further.

“If I really need something, I’ll see if I can pick up a decent used version. I enjoy snapping up bargains in charity shops and it means, for example, I can pick up clothes from better quality brands than I could afford if shopping at full price,” she says.’

Faith Archer in the media...

Podcast: Saving and investing for children

Steps to Investing

Faith joins a panel to discuss saving and investing for your children…

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