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Global Bucket List Landmarks Destinations

Many of us have a list of goals we hope to accomplish at some point in our lives, commonly known as a bucket list. Whether you write it down, or keep it as a mental note, a bucket list helps us focus on experiences that will enrich our lives.

While bucket lists can include anything from new hobbies to career aspirations, travel is usually a popular starting point. From the Taj Mahal and Niagara Falls, to Times Square and Buckingham Palace, many of us have a list of places we want to visit and see with our own eyes.

But which are the most popular bucket list destinations of all? We analysed Instagram hashtags and Google search volume for landmarks across the globe, revealing the locations you really may not want to miss out on.

Where are the most popular global landmarks?

Starting with a seedlist of 72 of the world’s most popular landmarks, we looked at the number of Instagram hashtags and global monthly Google search volume for each to reveal the top 10 bucket list landmarks around the world.

The Burj Khalifa, also known as the world’s tallest building, is the most popular global landmark according to our research. Located in Dubai, this skyscraper has the highest average global search volume at 2,240,000 per month, as well as 6,179,975 Instagram images under the hashtag #burjkhalifa.

While the Burj Khalifa is the most searched-for landmark, the Eiffel Tower is the most Instagrammed with 7,192,685 images using the hashtag #eiffeltower. An average of 1.5 million people are also searching for this classic French landmark each month.

In third place is Times Square, known for its many theatres, digital billboards and towering skyscrapers. This iconic New York City landmark has almost 5 million Instagram posts to its name, as well as 1.5 million search queries each month.

Three more US landmarks feature among the top 10: Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon and the White House, which place 4th, 6th and 9th respectively. If a US road trip is on your bucket list, make sure to schedule in these much-loved destinations.

Which are the most popular landmarks in the UK?

Using a seedlist of 39 of the UK's most popular landmarks, we again used the volume of Instagram hashtags and monthly Google search volume to reveal the best bucket list landmarks in the UK.

Big Ben ranks highest overall. This must-see London attraction is searched for 1 million times across the globe each month, and is also the most Instagrammable landmark in the UK with 3,261,142 photos using the hashtag #bigben.

Buckingham Palace comes second, seeing an average of 1.5 million global searches each month. The home of the British monarch also has over 1.4 million photos under the hashtag #buckinghampalace on Instagram.

Which are the most popular landmarks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Loch Ness is the most popular landmark in Scotland, with 301,000 searches for this iconic natural landmark each month, and 485,687 people have shared it on Instagram.

The most beloved landmark in Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. With an average of 201,000 global searches per month and 331,018 Instagram photos of the interlocking basalt columns, this coastal location is picture-perfect.

In Wales, Pen-y-Fan is the most popular landmark. This famous peak in the Brecon Beacons has 170,591 Instagram photos under its hashtag, and receives an average of 60,500 searches each month across the globe.

Whether your own travel bucket list features landmarks in the UK or abroad, there are plenty of magnificent sights to see in our lifetimes. What will you add to your list for 2023?


To find the most popular landmarks across the globe and in the UK, two seedlist were created using articles referencing lists of ‘bucket list landmarks’. To reveal the most popular, a weighted ranking system based on the number of Instagram hashtags and average monthly Google search volume was applied for each landmark.


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