Searching for Love

Looking for love is complicated at the best of times, but even more so during a global pandemic!

Whether you’re relatively settled or still looking for that special someone, more of us are turning to the web for relationship advice, especially when navigating the complexities of pandemic-era dating.

So what are the relationship questions we’re turning to Google for answers?

1. ‘Long distance relationship’ - 1,044,000 million global searches (over the last 12 months)

Global lockdowns have seen many people forced into long-distance relationships (at least for a couple of months), while others have been making long-distance work for years.

Whether it’s work or other factors keeping you and your partner apart, there were over a million searches in the last year related to keeping that spark going.

2. How to get over a breakup? - 753,000 global searches

Unfortunately, not all relationships go the distance and most of us have had to deal with a breakup at some point.

It’s understandable to feel sad, maybe even angry or guilty, after a parting of ways and this is one of the biggest troubles people turn to Google for, with over 750,000 annual searches.

3. How to get a girlfriend? - 748,600 global searches

While it seems unlikely that simply googling an article can solve this predicament, there were still just under three-quarters of a million searches asking the question.

Interestingly, there were far more people searching ‘how to get a girlfriend’ than ‘how to get a boyfriend’, which received just 402,500 annual searches.

4. Date night ideas - 671,100 global searches

It’s always been important to set aside some quality time for you and your partner to spend together, but it’s become that little bit harder recently.

Encouragingly though, many have turned to Google to find ways to make date night work, whether that’s something as simple as cooking a nice dinner, going for a romantic walk or watching a movie.

5. How to break up with someone - 558,000 global searches

While some relationships last a lifetime, sadly sometimes people naturally drift apart over time.

Whatever the reason, most of us go through at least one tricky breakup in our life, and it’s clearly something we don’t find easy, with over half a million searches for advice on how to break up with someone made in the last year.

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All search figures were sourced using Google and refer to global searches made between March 2020 and February 2021.