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Traditional Baby Products vs. Today’s Best Sellers

It’s hard work, being a new parent. There’s just so much to take on board that those early months can be as daunting as they are joyous.

On top of all that, it’s an expensive business. Product manufacturers have a real knack for selling well-meaning mums and dads on fancy gadgets they promise will make their babies safer, comfier, and happier. That means that they sometimes end up paying over the odds for things they might not really need, hoping that they’re doing the best for their child.

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New vs Old

To help make life a little easier and cheaper, we’ve put together the infographic below. In it, we compare longstanding favourites – products used by parents for generations – with fancier, modern alternatives that claim to do the job better.

Are these new products worth the extra cash? Should you part with your hard-earned money and spring for the anti-bacterial sleep pod over the traditional Moses basket? The elaborate nappy disposal system instead of good old fashioned nappy bags? Or the smart baby swing rather than a standard manual rocker?

We’ve pulled together cost information, crucial product details and insights from new parents and seasoned grandparents to give you the information you need to decide which products are right for you and your baby.

1. The Moses Basket vs. The Sleep Pod

What the New Parents say:
“I’d definitely choose the sleep pod over the Moses basket; it’s really flexible and you can put it anywhere. We slide it into bed at night and use it around the house during the day.”

What the Grandparents say:
“There doesn’t seem to be much growing room in the sleep pod; we achieved the same snug effect with rolled up towels. Moses baskets do look pretty but aren’t particularly practical. I think we only had one because it was traditional.”

2. The Audio Monitor vs. The Video Monitor

What the New Parents say:
“We deliberately didn’t buy a video monitor because we didn’t want to depend on it. We only bought audio monitors because we thought we had to, but if our baby is crying, we can hear her, no monitor necessary!”

What the Grandparents say:
“I think the video is lovely, I’d probably buy one now. I’d love to just sit and look at my baby sleeping. However, it could make you overly anxious and you may end up over-reacting to every little thing.”

3. The Hand Blender vs. The Baby Food Blender

What the New Parents say:
“My partner loves using the baby food blender - it’s good for trying out different textures. I think we got it as a present though, I can’t imagine ever buying one.”

What the Grandparents say:
“There’s already enough kitchen equipment you need for babies, this would just take up more space. The hand blender is sensible - you can make up large batches and freeze them.”

4. The Wall Chart vs. The Digital Thermometer

What the New Parents say:
“On hot nights, the digital thermometer is a godsend for accurate temperature measurement. Temperatures become integral to your setup when you learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The wall chart is handy to have around, even with the digital thermometer.”

What the Grandparents say:
“Digital thermometers like this didn’t exist 30 years ago, but I’d definitely get one now. We had a wall thermometer but I don’t think I ever took much notice of it. I think I just had it because it was pretty.”

5. The Nappy Bag vs. The Nappy Bin

What the New Parents say:
“The machine is just another thing to think about and clean. We use nappy bags and a bin with a lid, but sometimes the poo is so potent, you need to take it outside straight away!”

What the Grandparents say:
“I think the machine is overkill. You’d use nappy bags out and about, so why not use them at home? They are so handy to have in your bag for things like messy clothes, dirty tissues and wet wipes.”

6. The Manual Rocker vs. The Smart Baby Swing

What the New Parents say:
“The moving seat allows me and my wife the time to get things done around the house while our son is still awake, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

What the Grandparents say:
“I think the manual rockers are brilliant - baby can learn to kick their legs and rock themselves. I’d imagine the self-rocking chair would be irritating.”

7. The Hanging Mobile vs. The Womb Sounds Toy

What the New Parents say:
“On the whole, I think the womb sounds toy has a positive impact on our baby’s sleep, but it’s hard to tell what impact the sounds have. We did buy a mobile because we thought we needed one, but we never used it.”

What the Grandparents say:
“I think nothing beats cuddling your baby to calm it down and soothe it off to sleep. The toy is a bit of a gimmick. The baby is not in the womb anymore so it needs to get used to its new environment. I would buy a mobile though; I think it’s soothing for children to be surrounded by music.”

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