When Harry met Sally Where do couples in the UK meet?

There's always a story. How did you meet your partner? What was your parents’ first encounter? What about your grandparents?

It might not quite be the orange juice fiasco from Notting Hill or the classic Titanic scene, but all personal stories have their own sprinkle of Hollywood romance. There's no questioning that meet-cutes, however, have changed. Your grandma may still refer to it as ‘courting’, but today we’re experiencing a very different dating dynamic.

Whether you've been busy scrolling and uploading #newprofilepic, you've ‘accidentally’ been bumping into someone while buying a coffee or your mum has set you up on (another!) blind date, we’ve all been there … looking for love. But how do we find it?

We surveyed 2,000 Brits to uncover their true love stories. How did couples meet, how did their relationships develop and what were the plot twists?

The 21st-century meet-cute

The digital dating world is lucky for love: 20% of couples met online, whether through apps, websites or social media. Real-life socialising still beats virtual encounters though, with 27% of British couples meeting though a social gathering, like a party, a night out or simply down the pub.

Top 3 dating apps/websites that couples used to find their partner

Age makes a big difference to how people meet. For example, you may not necessarily see sparks flying between older generations in the gym, but they’re far more likely than younger people to meet while socialising. We split our survey responses by age to reveal just who found love online, at work, at the pub, or not at all…

How do people meet their partner? (by age)

The plot thickens

The couples have caught each other’s eyes; over a treadmill, a PC monitor or through the bubbles of a pint. So, now what? How do they continue their relationship? We asked our survey-takers just how their relationship evolved, with the majority revealing that casual dating was the next step. Who said romance is dead?

How do relationships evolve?

Relationship evolution (by age)

Location of love

While not everyone can live conveniently in the same city or town, often, love knows no boundaries. Some even say distance makes the heart grow fonder. 7% of our survey respondents haven’t just had miles between them, but countries...

How do people meet their partner? (by age)

Age-old love

Many say that love is blind and age is just a number. Others say the age gap can determine the longevity of a relationship. One study even claims that the bigger the age difference, the bigger the chance of separation. Our survey respondents revealed their relationship age differences. Is this the perfect gap?


We surveyed 2,000 British people using Maru/Usurv.

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