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Zurich is one of the world’s largest insurance providers. Find out what you need to know about the different life insurance offered by the trusted brand.


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Types of cover available with Zurich

Zurich offers a range of life cover that could ensure your loved ones have the financial support they’d need if you’re no longer around. The main types of cover available include: 

  • Life insurance – Provides a lump sum if you die during the length of your policy, or you become terminally ill with less than 12 months to live.  
  • Life insurance & critical illness cover – Provides a lump sum if you die, become terminally ill or suffer a critical illness that’s named in the terms of your policy.  

To find out more and make sure Zurich life insurance is right for you, read the key features document for the plan you're interested in. Or, get in touch with an independent financial adviser if you’re still unsure about anything.

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Other benefits which are offered by Zurich

Zurich offers a range of optional extras and benefits, some of which may be available to you. Note that some benefits will be automatically included in a policy, but other won’t. Some will depend on whether you’ve chosen life cover only, or life cover and critical illness. Be sure to check each policy with care, so that you know what you can expect to get before you sign up. Benefits which are automatically included may include:

  • Flexible policies – if your life circumstances change, like moving to a new home or having a baby, you may be able to increase your cover without giving this provider any more details about your health or activities. However, be aware that taking out increased cover will result in increased premiums.
  • Separation benefit – If you have a joint policy (that is, one which covers two people’s lives and pays out a chosen amount of cover in the event the first person passes away) and you separate or divorce, you can cancel this policy and start individual policies for one or both of you. This can be done without needing to provide any more medical information.
  • Multi-fracture cover – this policy benefit protects you if you suffer broken bones, dislocations and ligament damage. This could be paid out as a lump sum of up to £6,000 each year of your policy.

As with any life cover, if you fail to meet your payment plan on your policy then you won’t get any money back and your cover may stop. The life insurance cover that works for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances.


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