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Andy Webb

Insurance expert

Andy Webb is an award-winning personal finance journalist and broadcaster. Combined, his Be Clever With Your Cash blog, Andy Clever Cash YouTube channel and Cash Chats podcast have been read, watched and listened to by millions.

Andy’s experience

Andy with Be Clever With Your Cash

Winner of ‘best personal finance blog’ for six years running between 2016 and 2021, Andy has created a platform that’s provided sound financial advice to millions of people. Andy provides advice, commentary and some of the best deals on all sorts of products and services.

Andy on Andy Clever Cash

In connection with his Be Clever With Your Cash blog, Andy Clever Cash is a YouTube channel which highlights great money products like credit cards and savings accounts to his thousands of subscribers. He also provides commentary on things like government budgets and the cost-of-living crisis.

Andy with Metro

Since 2021, Andy has written a weekly personal finance column for the Metro newspaper. He provides tips on finding the best deals for credit cards and bank accounts, as well as advice on general household financial management.

Andy with Reader’s Digest

Andy writes a monthly column to help people make the most of their money and make it go further. He shares tips and tricks on how to reduce your household bills and maximise your savings.

Andy Webb commenting on...

How to find the hidden perks in your financial products

Ask any bargain hunter for their moneysaving tips and most will mention vouchers and discount codes, but only the savviest of shopper will be making the most of the valuable freebies that come with their financial products. Are you one of them?

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The secrets to better, cheaper broadband

Never before has so much data passed through our home broadband routers: streaming, working, homeschooling, banana bread recipes, streaming, fun memes of lawyers unable to remove cat filters when on Zoom and even more streaming.

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Andy Webb elsewhere on the web...

Interest rate at 4.25%: what does the rise mean for you?

Be Clever With Your Cash

”Despite the increase, the BoE still expects inflation to drop significantly this spring (a year on since the war in Ukraine will contribute massively, as will the extension of the Energy Price Guarantee). And last week the Office for Budget Responsibility said inflation would fall to 2.9% by the end of the year.”

Are joint bank accounts a good idea in relationships?


”What’s most important is you don’t give full responsibility for your finances to one person, and definitely don’t let them have all the money in their account.

Even if that person has a better understanding, and perhaps interest, in money matters, there’s a risk this can turn into one person controlling, even unintentionally, all the spending decisions.”

Why you should get a better bank account

Reader’s Digest

”Moving your money could get you better banking and customer service, through to monthly rewards and higher interest rates. Plus there are some huge cash bonuses on offer for switching completely.”

Andy Webb in the press...

Four expert podcasts to get your finances back in shape

The Sun

'CASH CHATS WITH ANDY WEBB: The seasoned saver founded, and it is packed with vouchers, sales and tips.

Andy’s weekly podcasts are full of excellent titbits. But his top tip for this year is: “Earn money every time you spend with a combination of cashback debit or credit cards — be sure to pay off the balance each month — and cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback. Once you are in the habit, the small amounts you make each time can add up to hundreds of pounds.”

Petrol price tips - only fill half a tank and get rid of extra weight, drivers urged


Consumer journalist Andy Webb said on his Cash Chats podcast: “Don’t necessarily fill up. You don’t have to wait until it clicks every time.

In fact, one of the things that can help you with fuel consumption as well is weight. Sometimes it is also not a bad idea to put half the petrol into the fuel tank rather than fill it all the way up because that means it will last that little bit longer because there is less weight in the car from that fuel.”

Yellow stickers: Secrets of cut-price food revealed

BBC News

'Andy Webb has an addiction. And he's not the only one. The 37-year-old Londoner can't walk past a supermarket without checking whether it's selling cut-price food.

"If £4 mince is reduced towards £1, I'll be far more excited than a grown man should be by the price of mince," he says.
He once got £30 of food for £7.50 and proudly put the photo on his blog.

"The most important thing is, don't just buy it because it's reduced. It's only a bargain if you want it." Andy Webb,’

Be Clever With Your Cash in the media...

Andy Clever Cash

Andy’s YouTube channel, Andy Clever Cash, provides great money tips on all things personal finance.

UK Base Interest Rate at 4.25% -11th increase in a row (March 2023 increase)

Andy discusses the recent rise in the Bank of England’s base rate and what this means for mortgages, savings and inflation.

Budget 2023: Energy bill freeze, free childcare extended and pension allowances increased

Andy discusses the government’s recent budget and what it means for you.

The Best UK Bank Accounts for 2023

Andy reveals his best bank account picks for 2023.

Cash Chats money podcast

Cash Chats is an award-winning personal finance podcast. Each week, Andy and his guests tackle the latest news in personal money management, including loads of great tips on ways to save on everyday items.

TV appearances

Andy appeared as the resident money expert on Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money show between 2018 and 2019. He also appeared on the BBC shows Right on the Money and Rip Off Britain.

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