Border Terrier pet insurance

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Border Terrier insurance

Border Terriers are happy little dogs with an enthusiasm for life. Originating in the North East English-Scottish borders, they were once used to catch foxes. You can see why – they’re small and compact enough to get down a fox hole, agile enough to jump and dig, strong enough to keep up with a horse and determined enough to stick to the task.

These days those traits make them an intelligent, loyal and energetic pet. As a Border Terrier owner you probably know that this can also make them fun to own.  Although they love a fuss, they're not an idle lap dog – they're bright and inquisitive and, thanks to their history of working, they like to be busy. Your Border Terrier probably loves playing, but that may make them a bit over-excited, and they're also known to be amazing escape artists – after all, squeezing through gaps is what they were bred for.

Health conditions

Being a tough, hardy breed you might imagine that Border Terriers wouldn't suffer genetic problems. But unfortunately it's quite common for them to develop hip dysplasia – problems with the development and abnormalities of the hip joint. These problems can cause lameness - sometimes as early as puppyhood

Either way, if your pet develops this problem, vet visits and treatment are likely to be expensive – X-rays, tests and surgery could be needed.

Protecting your pet

Taking out dog insurance when your dog is healthy will mean that you'll be covered if an illness or condition like hip dysplasia develops. It gives you peace of mind that you can give your dog the best treatment possible. 

Our dogs are a much-loved member of the family. It’s awful to think of anything happening to them, but unfortunately sometimes they do, whether it’s an illness like hip dysplasia or an accident.

Nobody wants to be in a position where they know their dog needs treatment that they can't afford. Taking out Border Terrier pet insurance means that you won’t have that worry.

How it works

There are four main types of pet insurance: 

  • Accident only – This is the cheapest and the most basic, and in most cases will only cover you for injuries and not illness. However please check your individual policy details to be sure.
  • Time limited – This is usually the lowest cost illness cover. It will cover you for twelve months from the time of the accident/claim/illness. It’s probably best to double check your policy as the cover varies with different insurers, exact details can also be found on our price presentation screen. Once you claim for a condition, the treatment will be covered for the twelve months or the maximum limit you can claim for. For example, if your dog became ill in month 11 of your policy, you will be covered for twelve months as of that date. If your dog still needs treatment for a condition after that year you will be responsible for the future costs. 
  • Maximum benefit – This cover will pay for vet fees up to a certain amount with no time restraint. You may find some polices will state that this covers all conditions, while others will cover you per condition. However all will only cover the agreed maximum benefit whilst the policy remains in force.
  • Lifetime policy – This is the most comprehensive of pet insurance. It will cover you for conditions throughout your dog's life. You may have an annual limit to the cover provided, but that will be reset every time you renew your policy. 

 A time limited policy lasts for 12 months and then expires. But if your pet goes on to need longer-term treatment, it won’t be covered once the policy expires, because you’ll have to declare the problem as a ‘pre-existing condition’ and this isn’t covered when you take out or move policies. Therefore any treatment for that condition won’t be covered.  Lifetime policies also have renewing limits for pre-existing conditions if you stay with the same insurer.

That’s why some people opt for a lifetime policy, which renews each year and covers your Border Terrier for lifetime illnesses like asthma or arthritis. As you might expect, these policies are usually more expensive.

Compare and save

We make it easy for you to do a pet insurance comparison for your Border Terrier. Start a quote and tell us a bit about you and your dog and what level of cover you’ll need. There are 'help' prompts too if you need to understand certain elements of the search better.

Once you've given us all the information we need we'll search through numerous providers to compare pet insurance policies that suit you. Our results page will list them out in price order so you can have a good look and decide which one suits you best.

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