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Boxer insurance

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What makes Boxers great pets?

Full of fun, energy and pure joy, Boxers can be affectionate and lively family pets.

This isn't a dog for the faint-hearted though. These happy-go-lucky characters have the longest length of 'puppyhood' of all dogs, lasting around three years. But Boxers are loving to their families and will reward you with many years of companionship and loyalty.

Do Boxers have known health conditions?

Although Boxers look tough, they’re actually quite sensitive to a few conditions, some of which are hereditary. These include:

  • hip dysplasia
  • heart conditions
  • eye disease
  • some cancers

Hopefully, your Boxer will have a long and healthy life. And if you protect yourself with good Boxer pet insurance, you can feel confident that if your dog does get ill, you can give it the best treatment possible.

What types of pet insurance policies are there?

  • Lifetime. The most comprehensive pet insurance, it can cover you for conditions throughout your dog's life, as long as you renew the policy. The amount you’re covered for resets and restarts every year, so you continue receiving the same cover each year. 
  • Maximum benefit. This pays for vet fees up to a certain amount of money with no time restraint.  But once the amount of money is used up, you’re no longer covered for the condition – even if you renew the policy.
  • Time limited. This covers a condition for up to 12 months from when the condition develops, or until the maximum amount is used up – whichever is reached first. If your Boxer still needs treatment or ongoing care for an illness after this, you’ll need to take care of the costs yourself.
  • Accident only. This can cover your dog if it has an accident, but it doesn’t offer cover for any illnesses or medical conditions.

Tips for keeping your Boxer happy and healthy

  • Diet: Boxers have a big appetite. Although it’s tempting to feed them in bulk once a day, this could lead to bloating and expensive vet bills. Stick to routine feeding times with smaller portions twice a day, if possible.
  • Grooming: This low-maintenance breed should only need a weekly brush to maintain a healthy coat. Be sure to clean the folds of skin on your dog’s face as these are prone to dermatitis.
  • Exercise: Boxers are full of energy and will need at least two hours of exercise a day. Splitting these into a few walks a day with opportunities to run without a lead (away from roads), should keep them fit and active.
  • Training: Reward-based training can work wonders with this boisterous breed and it should help control any urge they may have to jump up at children and other dogs. Start your dog’s training when it’s young for best results.

Frequently asked questions

What is third party pet insurance and do I need it?

All sorts of dogs can get into scraps, including boxers, and the breed is known to have a powerful bite. If your dog bites or injures another pet or a person, or if it damages property, third-party pet insurance can give you cover if a claim is made against you. You may also see it called third party public liability insurance. It’s included as standard on the majority of pet insurance policies. Double check your pet policy to see if you already have it.

What if my Boxer is lost or stolen?

The worry about losing a dog or your dog being stolen can be very upsetting, but some pet insurance providers aim to ease your anxiety. Some providers’ policies can help you by offering a public reward for finding your dog, or paying towards the cost of publicity to help you get your dog back. If all else fails, they could pay compensation if he or she isn’t found, up to the amount you bought your Boxer for.

Why should I compare Boxer insurance with Compare the Market?

We can tailor your pet insurance quote to your needs. Just tell us about you and your Boxer, and what type of cover you’d like. We’ll then search a selection of the UK’s pet insurance providers and give you a list of quotes in price order, with the cheapest pet insurance quotes first.

What do I need to get a quote?

To compare insurance with Compare the Market, you’ll need to know:

  • your pet’s breed, their age, as well as their gender  
  • how much you paid or money you donated when you bought or took ownership of your pet
  • whether your pet has been spayed, or if it’s been neutered
  • whether or not they’re microchipped. 
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Author image Anna McEntee

What our expert says...

“Boxers are a particularly social breed with boundless energy – the perfect addition to a family and the ideal companion for an active owner. The right insurance policy will help ensure your household is filled with their loyalty and happy-go-lucky nature for years to come.”

- Anna McEntee, Home, pet and travel insurance expert