Boxer insurance

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Boxer insurance

Your Boxer

Is it possible to walk past a Boxer dog and not smile? According to the Kennel Club, once converted to the Boxer, owners never give up the breed. But this isn't a dog for the faint hearted. These happy go lucky characters have the longest length of 'puppyhood' of all dogs, lasting around three years. 


Originally a German breed, the Boxer is full of fun, energy and pure joy, but this can bring its own challenges and if you don't earn their respect and attention you may find yourself with a pet that's quite a lot of work. The Boxer is always loving to its family though, and will reward you with many years of companionship and loyalty.



Health conditions

Although the Boxer looks like a pretty tough cookie, they are actually quite sensitive to many conditions some of which are hereditary. They include hip dysphasia, heart conditions and eye disease. They're also susceptible to cancers – if you own a Boxer with white hair it's advisable to cover them in sun cream in the summer to reduce the risk of skin cancer.



Owning a breed that is prone to so many conditions may be a worry, but if you protect yourself with good Boxers insurance you can make sure that if your dog does get ill, you can give it the best treatment possible.


What level of dog insurance do you need?

There are four levels of dog insurance, ranging from the very basic through to a comprehensive lifelong cover. Which one you choose could be led by your budget, but you may find that if you compare pet insurance wisely it may not be as pricey as you think. The four levels are:



  • Accident only – This is the cheapest and the most basic, and in most cases will only cover you for injuries and not illness. However please check your individual policy details to be sure.


  • Time limited – This is usually the lowest cost illness cover. It will cover you for a set amount over the period of a year. If your dog still needs treatment for a condition after that year you will be responsible for the future costs.


  • Maximum benefit – This cover will pay for vet fees up to a certain amount with no time restraint. You may find some polices will state that this covers all conditions, while others will cover you per condition.


  • Lifetime policy – This is the most comprehensive of pet insurance. It will cover you for conditions throughout your dog's life as long as your policy remains in force. You may have an annual limit to the costs, but that will be reset every time you renew your policy.


Finding the best policy for your Boxer

We understand that your Boxer will be very important to you and are happy to help you find the best insurance policy possible for him.  To get started with a pet insurance comparison tell us a bit about you, your pet and what kind of cover you require. We'll come back with a list of policies which suit your needs, you can then take a look through. Don’t forget the quotes will be displayed in price order with the cheapest first.  You can filter the results by cover type, to make it easier to compare prices that are personal to you. You can either then click through to the insurer to purchase or come back it later after some time to consider each provider, whatever is best for you. Quotes can be retrieved through My Account.