Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet insurance

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel insurance

King Charles Spaniel

The gorgeous King Charles Spaniel...who can resist those beautiful eyes? The smallest of the spaniel breed is probably the gentlest and quietest too. For that reason they’re often used as therapy dogs. With their ever-wagging tail, love of cuddles and constant need to please, this dog breed is hard to resist.  

If your King Charles means the absolute world to you (and we can see why) you'll want to look after him as best you can. Walking, grooming, cuddling are all important, but as owners we're also responsible for maintaining the health of our dogs - as they can't do it themselves.

All dogs need regular check-ups, vaccinations, flea and worm protection so the cost of keeping them healthy can soon mount up. An extra unexpected visit to the vet can leave you worrying about how you might pay for it.

Health conditions

King Charles Spaniels are susceptible to a number of hereditary conditions, thought to be the result of irresponsible breeding. It doesn't mean that your King Charles Spaniel will develop any hereditary conditions, just that they may be at a higher risk than other breeds.

Having good protection with some Cavalier King Charles Spaniel insurance can give you peace of mind that if they do develop one of these conditions, you’ll have financial assistance with vet fees. 

Protecting your King Charles Spaniel with dog insurance

If you're thinking about protecting your King Charles Spaniel with pet insurance you may want to consider which level of cover you need. To help here's a rough guide:

Accident Only

This policy will only cover you for vet fees resulting from an accident. Some policies may cover fees for emergency treatment for a condition. It’s best to check your policy as the level of cover varies with different providers.

Time Limited cover

This will cover you for vet fees from treating illnesses as well as accidents, but it has a 12 month time limit. Some policies will have a maximum cost limit too. With Time Limited, once your policy expires any condition that was covered previously will now be considered a pre-existing one - and no longer covered by the insurance.

Lifetime cover

A lifetime policy is particularly useful if your dog develops a long term illness, as there’s no time limit on treatment covered if you renew your policy every year. When you take the policy out the insurer will not cover pre-existing conditions so it's always a good idea to start your policies when your dog is fit and healthy. This type of policy is usually the most expensive.

Other things to consider

If your King Charles gets lost or stolen, some insurers will help you to find your dog by offering a reward. Another add on that some insurers offer as standard, or you can have added, is third party insurance. You may not think that your lovely King Charles Spaniel is capable of doing any damage to anyone or thing, but there’s always the chance it may cause some kind of accident.

Compare pet insurance with us

You don't need to waste time ringing different pet insurance companies, let us do all the leg work for you and compare pet insurance policies for you. Start a quote and tell us a bit about you, your dog and what level of cover you’d like.

Once you've completed all the questions we'll give you a list of all the policies   to suit your needs. Take a look at the various options and policy details and decide which one best suits you and your dog... Don't ask the pooch, though, as a King Charles will be happy with whatever you suggest!

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