German Shepherd pet insurance

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German Shepherd insurance

Well known as police dogs, the German Shepherd has a reputation for being a pretty tough cookie. As puppies, they can be a little boisterous, but if trained properly they will grow to be excellent family dogs. German Shepherds are described as being fiercely loyal to their pack, which can sometimes make them wary of strangers. But if they’re socialised at an early age with clear boundaries, there’s no reason for this behaviour to lead to any aggression.

A fit German Shepherd dog needs plenty of exercise. They're ultimately a large working dog and will live up to 10-14 years providing they stay fit and healthy. Over the years the breed has become prone to certain diseases and medical conditions such as hip and elbow problems, eye disease and bloat. But if you buy your dog from a reputable breeder, who uses a good screening programme, you should be able to minimise the risk.

Taking out German Shepherd insurance will also help keep your dog in the best health possible as early treatment for many conditions can increase the likelihood of a good recovery.

Insuring your German Shepherd

There are four different levels of pet insurance to consider. The most basic cover is accident-only, which just covers vet fees for treatments that are the result of an accident. Time limited insurance will cover you for vet fees in relation to illnesses as well as accidents, but that cover will stop after 12 months. For example, if your dog became ill in month 11 of your policy, you will be covered for twelve months from that date.

Maximum benefit cover will keep paying for a condition until you get to a certain cost limit. And finally, lifetime cover aims to pay for treatment or medication for conditions for the whole of your German Shepherd's life as long as the policy remains in force. As you’d expect, this cover is often the most expensive. 

Insuring your dog early in life when it’s fit and healthy is often best, as this means that if any conditions or illnesses do appear at any time you'll be protected. Unfortunately if you leave it until your pet develops an illness or condition you won’t be covered for that condition - it'll be deemed as 'pre-existing.'

Compare pet insurance

If you want to do a pet insurance comparison then let us help. Start a quote by clicking on pet insurance, we'll then ask you a few question about you, your dog and the level of cover you require...We'll then search pet insurance providers and get back to you with great value dog insurance policies. All you need to do is sit down with your large four legged friend and decide which suits you both best.

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