Golden Retriever pet insurance

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Golden Retriever insurance

Golden Retrievers

If you live with a Golden Retriever then you probably spend much of your time either covered in long golden hair or removing it. But it's a small price to pay for owning such a friendly, loving dog. You only have to look at the jobs the breed does to know that:  Guide dog, therapy dog, mountain rescue dog, sniffer dog ... They're just all-out dog heroes. 

Health conditions

Although a Retriever is never happier than when lounging around the house with its family, they do need lots of exercise. They can get quite obese if they don't have a good diet and regular walks. They're also at risk of developing genetic conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia and cataracts.

You can try and reduce the risk of this by getting a pup from a registered breeder who can show you screening results for the hereditary conditions. However, there are also other conditions that Golden Retrievers are susceptible to, including cancer, allergies, heart disease and epilepsy. 

But it doesn't mean your four legged friend won't have a long and happy life, it's just a good idea to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect your dog as best you can.

Protecting your pet

One way to do this is to take out pet insurance to cover you for any non-routine vet fees. There are different levels of cover to choose from including accident only, a time limited policy, max benefit and lifetime cover. 

Accident Only

This policy will only cover you for vet fees resulting from an accident. In most cases this will only cover you for injuries and not illness. However please check your individual policy details to be sure 

Time limited cover

This will cover you for vet fees from treating illnesses as well as accidents, but it has a 12 month time limit. Some policies will have a maximum cost limit too. With time limited cover, once your policy expires any condition that was covered previously will now be considered a pre-existing one - and no longer covered by the insurance.

Lifetime cover

A lifetime policy is particularly useful if your dog develops a long term illness, as there’s no time limit on treatment covered. When you take the policy out the insurer will not cover pre-existing conditions so it's always a good idea to start your policies when your dog is fit and healthy. This type of policy is usually the most expensive.

For example, if your Golden Retriever develops allergies, this could be considered a lifetime condition that may need managing with continual medication. With a lifetime dog insurance policy this could be covered as long as you renew your policy every year – provided it wasn't a pre-existing condition at the time you take out the insurance.

Compare pet insurance

It's a good idea to compare all of your insurance policies...including your pet insurance. Depending on what level of cover you choose, having pet insurance could give you peace of mind that your pet maybe covered for any accidents or illnesses that may develop and you can relax knowing you won’t have any sudden costs coming your way. So why not let us do a pet insurance comparison for you? We'll search the UK’s leading pet insurance providers to find you the best deal to suit you and your dog’s needs. Just answer some questions about you, your dog and the type of cover you’ll need.

It won't take long and before you can grab the dog's lead we'll have a page of Golden Retriever insurance policies for you to look through at your leisure.

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