Labrador pet insurance

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Labrador insurance


According to the Kennel Club the Labrador is one of the best all round dogs in the world. And who would argue? Surely everyone loves a Labrador. Their bright and friendly disposition makes them a great family pet.

They are patient and kind around little people, but younger labs can sometimes be a little boisterous. While they might unintentionally knock a toddler over, they’ll to follow it up with a very slobbery lick to check all’s ok.

The breed itself is believed to have developed in Newfoundland, Canada in the 18th Century and then became popular with the British in the early 1900. Traditionally a working dog, they are still used as gun dogs and are very popular as companion dogs as well as for guide dogs, drug, bomb and mine detecting.

Labradors are resilient dogs, but as with many pedigrees, poor breeding practices have created a few hereditary diseases to look out for. They include joint conditions and eye problems.

These can be screened for at birth, so if you buy from a reputable breeder you should reduce the risk of having a Labrador that develops these conditions. However, there are also other illnesses and conditions that Labradors are prone to that can't be screened for such as cancer, hepatitis and epilepsy. So, good Labrador insurance might be important to you. Although vets’ treatments are very effective today, they are also expensive. But if you're insured against vet fees you can give your Labrador the care it deserves if it becomes poorly. 

Working out what level of cover your Labrador needs

There are three levels of dog insurance cover that include vet fees for illnesses. Time limited – sometimes known as a set term or annual policy which will only pay for treatment and medication during the term of the policy. Max benefit will cover your dog up to a certain cost, while lifetime cover should cover treatment and medication for the rest of your dog’s life, if need be, while the policy is in force. With all of these policies, you need to check the specifics of what is and isn’t covered. Some policies may also pay an amount if your dog dies due to an illness or injury.

You may also want to include lost dog cover – the insurer can help find your dog by offering rewards and some may also pay if it's sadly not found.

Third party insurance is sometimes included as standard, but you can often add it on to a policy if you want the extra cover. There are other add ons you may want to think about such as emergency boarding and holiday cancellation. Doing a pet insurance comparison can help you decide what kind of pet insurance you need, and tailor it to your dog’s needs.

Compare pet insurance

You don't need to spend hours on the phone to various pet insurers, why not let us compare pet insurance for you? Start a quote, tell us a bit about you and your dog and what level of cover you think you’ll need.

Once you've finished we'll search the UK’s pet insurers and give you a summary of the quotes that suit your dog’s needs. You can pick a policy there and then, or go back and make amends to the policy such as the level of cover or the voluntary excess. Your quotes will be saved in your account online if you need some time to think about it...or need to take the dog for a walk.

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