Springer Spaniel pet insurance

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Springer Spaniel insurance

Your Springer Spaniel

Whoever created the Springer Spaniel obviously had an owner in mind...an active outdoorsy kind of person who didn't mind the odd bit of towel drying. Springer Spaniels love running, and love water – they're at their happiest when hurling themselves into a cold river. The breed was registered in the UK in 1902 and was used as a working gun dog, hence their love of the outdoors. These days there are still many working Springer gun dogs but the breed is also used as a sniffer dog or search and rescue, so they're pretty handy at most things.

As a family pet the Springer excels, its happy and loving nature makes them good with all members of the family. They do need lots of exercise and regular grooming as their long hair can become matted easily. Springers are also prone to getting a grass seed or two trapped in their ears and eyes, this can be an expensive visit to you vet if you're not insured.

Health conditions

Another health problem a Springer can experience is ear infections thanks to those long ears. They're also susceptible to some diseases and conditions including epilepsy, eye disease, hip and elbow dysplasia. So it's important to look out for the early signs and symptom so you can catch anything in its early stages.

Protect your pet

Being insured will of course help too. If you're unsure of what Springer Spaniel insurance is available, we can help...

  • Accident Only – This is the cheapest and the most basic and will only cover you for injuries and not illness.
  • Time Limited – This is the most basic of illness cover. It will cover you for a set amount over the period of one year. If your dog still needs treatment for a condition beyond that year you will be responsible for the costs.
  • Maximum Benefit – This cover will pay for vet fees up to a certain amount with no time constraints. You may find some polices will state that this will cover all conditions, while others will cover you per condition.
  • Lifetime Policy – This is the most comprehensive of cover. It will cover you for conditions throughout your dog’s life. You will have a yearly limit but that will be reset every time you renew your policy.

All the policies that cover illness will not provide cover for pre-existing conditions so it is best to look for pet insurance before your dog develops any conditions.

If you would like to compare pet insurance policies, we can help. We’ll search all the leading providers in the UK to find you the best pet insurance for your needs.  Start a pet insurance quote telling us a bit of information about you, your pet and the kind of cover you want.

Once we're finished we'll present a page of insurance quotes for you to look through, in price order. You can proceed there and then, make changes or come back to it later, whatever is best for you. Perhaps take your Springer for a muddy walk while you decide?

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