Dogs can help your love life

6 reasons why owning a dog is good for your love life

Our pet insurance team has done the research and it’s true – dogs are great for relationships, whether you’re looking for love or already coupled up. 


Dog owners are seen as more attractive

Singles looking for love say that a dog makes a great accomplice. Our research shows that 1 in 5 dog owners have found romance after chatting to a fellow owner while out walking. also found that 3 in 5 dog owners have formed new friendships thanks to owning a furry friend. And the over 55s are five times more likely to develop a long-term relationship/friendship.

In a survey by Dogs Trust, 60% of those questioned said that owning a dog makes someone more attractive, while 85% said they thought a hound at your heels made you more approachable.


Dogs are a great ice breaker

A pet can be an easy talking point between two strangers. Even if they’ve never seen or spoken to each other before, they already know they’ve something in common.

People with dogs understand the joys and trials of pet ownership. They share training tips, nutritional info, even vet and insurance advice. They’ve also got a platform from which they can ask further subtle questions about the owner, which in a bar or coffee shop might feel too direct.

Dogs allow for regular interaction

Not only is an initial contact easier in the presence of a four-legged friend, but the chances of meeting again within a short space of time are higher. Dogs need daily walks, some several times a day. This means it’s easier to build relationships quickly, especially if you end up on the same walking trail.

Dogs can help your current relationship

It’s not just single people who benefit from canine ownership. Once you’ve found love, owning a pet may help you keep it. Our figures show that pet owners are 52% more likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with their love life. Of those very satisfied individuals, 63% were women.

Dogs can help reduce stress

Why is it that, once coupled up, pet owners tend to remain more content? One theory is that pets  help to relieve stress and can have a calming effect on people. A study by The State University of New York found that patients had a better chance of reducing high blood pressure during times of mental stress than those who didn’t. 

Dogs put a spring in your step

Research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has shown that pet owners display stronger self-esteem than non-owners. They are often more outgoing and less fearful. One reason for this may be that pets don’t judge and don’t care if you’ve combed your hair or brushed your teeth. Such unconditional love helps people to feel more at ease with themselves. Our increased wellbeing is more likely to present itself in other areas of our lives including, it seems, our love life.

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Steph Corbett

Head of Pet Insurance

“Pets can help break down those social barriers and anxiety that some people suffer from. They’re a great way to push us out of our comfort zone, expand our social circles and generally make us feel happier.”

6 reasons why owning a dog is good for your love life

If your dog has helped you find the love of your life (or is the love of your life), return the favour and make sure they’re protected from life’s little scrapes. Click here for a pet insurance quote and start saving now.

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