Does dog insurance cover dentistry?

Understand the importance of dental cover for your dog. We’ll explain how to care for your dog’s teeth and what to look for in your pet insurance policy. 

Understand the importance of dental cover for your dog. We’ll explain how to care for your dog’s teeth and what to look for in your pet insurance policy. 

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Posted 8 OCTOBER 2019

Why dental cover for your dog is important

Your dog’s teeth do a lot of work, so they need a lot of looking after. You can use a knife and fork to cut up your food, but your dog can’t use cutlery, so their teeth are required to a much greater extent.
And when you take your dog outside, all manner of items could end up going into their mouth and onto their teeth.  
Infections that start in your dog’s mouth can quickly spread to other organs, such as the kidneys and heart, causing complications. Organ disease, blood poisoning and even death can result from gum and tooth disease.
For all these reasons, it’s vital to take good care of your dog’s teeth, but this doesn’t always come cheap.

How much do dog dental procedures cost?

Taking your dog to the vet for dental treatment costs, on average, £186.52. Specific treatment costs include:

Treatment Cost
Scale and polish £150-£250
Tooth extraction (1-3 teeth) £170-£300
X-Ray £80-£200

Things not likely to be covered by pet insurance include:

  • cosmetic dental treatment
  • routine cleaning of your dog’s teeth
  • general tooth decay or anything else the insurance provider believes was preventable had you taken greater care of your dog’s teeth

It’s important to check the policy wording carefully before you buy, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Choosing a dog insurance policy with dental cover

Policies that include dental cover are likely to be more expensive than those that don’t, but it could be a price worth paying. If you choose a policy that doesn’t include dental cover be aware that the costs of unexpected dentistry could amount to hundreds of pounds.  

Extractions, or the need for anaesthetics or antibiotics could swiftly push up the costs. 

But even a pet insurance policy that does include dental cover won’t cover everything. Some dental insurance cover can be limited – for example, a plan might only cover external damage or extractions of milk teeth.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth

There are a few things you can do to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy.
Take them for regular check-ups. One of the most important reasons for this is that your insurance provider may only accept a claim for dental treatment if your dog has had a routine dental examination within the previous 12 months.

Brush your dog’s teeth. Only 30% of dog owners do this, but more should. Also give your dog dental chews, feed them healthy food and buy rubber toys specifically designed for their teeth.

Signs of dog dental problems

If your dog develops any of the following, it could indicate dental problems and you’ll need to seek treatment:

  • bad breath
  • excessive drooling or difficulty chewing
  • discoloured or swollen gums
  • brown or yellow teeth
  • missing or loose teeth
  • plaque or tartar build-up

Options for dog insurance with dental cover

Types of dog insurance policy include:

  • Accident only – cover is only available for accidents, and not for illnesses.
  • Time limited – cover is only available for a defined period, such as 12 months.
  • Maximum benefit – claims can only be made up to a set maximum sum.
  • Lifetime – cover is available throughout your dog’s life.

If your plan includes dental cover, then this will typically be on the same terms as the rest of the policy, so:

  • an accident only policy may only cover dental treatment resulting from an accident.
  • a time limited plan may include dental cover that’s only available for that limited period.  
  • a maximum benefit insurance may pay out for dental treatment up to that maximum benefit level.

How do I compare dog pet insurance quotes with dental cover?

Our comparison service lets you see the specific features of pet insurance policies, including dental cover, so you can find the right cover for you and your pooch. 

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