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Puppy Insurance


At 3am, after getting up six times to a whimpering pup, you may be wondering why on earth you thought getting a puppy was a good idea...And then, in the morning after a very bad night's sleep, you get up and stand in a puddle wondering what you did with the breeder's number...


As you're about to leave the room to find the phone, there, on the bottom of your bed is the cutest sight you've ever seen...a snoozing, contented puppy, leg twitching and letting out the tiniest of whimpers in its sleep. How could you send that back?


There's no doubt a puppy can bring absolute chaos to a house: the cat refuses to come in, there's newspaper all over the floor, the kids won't do their homework as they're too busy playing with the pup and you're not getting anywhere near enough sleep. But the joy and love that the little bundle of fun will bring you over the years will outweigh this period of disruption


So having established that your four legged friend is going nowhere, you'll probably be thinking about insuring them. Pet insurance will give you peace of mind that whatever life throws at him, you'll be able to protect him as best you can by covering his vet's fees.


So take a seat and delve into the world of puppy insurance, but first there are a few different levels of cover to consider:


Accident only – the cheapest and the most basic form of cover. It only pays for injuries and not illness.


Time limited– the most basic accident and illness cover. It’s probably best to double check the policy. It will cover you for a set cost over the period of one year. If your dog still needs treatment for a condition after that year, you will be responsible for the costs.


Maximum benefit – this cover will pay for a certain total of vet fees with no time restraint. You may find some polices will state that this covers all conditions, and others will cover you per condition.



Lifetime policy – the most comprehensive of cover. It will cover you for most health issues throughout your puppy's life. You will probably have a yearly cost limit, but that will be reset every time you renew your policy. 


All the policies covering illness willexclude any pre-existing conditions, but as you are insuring your puppy from such a young age he hasn’t had time to develop any serious conditions so therefore any illnesses he does develop should be covered for life.


There are other things you may be covered for, or are available as 'add ons' so it's always best to check your policy carefully. That way you'll know what cover you have and any exclusions that may be in place. 


Compare and save


If you'd like to compare pet insurance, let us help. We search the UK’s pet insurers so we're able to find you the best pet insurance for your puppy's needs. Just click the green button to start a pet insurance quote.


Once we've finished we'll get back to you with a list of the policies on the market that meet your needs. You can sit back, have a snuggle with your pup and decide which one is best for you.