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Understanding travel insurance for people with cancer

Searching online for travel insurance when you have cancer can be a challenge – you’ll see more choices than ever, thanks to specialist providers and larger companies who now assess people on a case by case basis. 

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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Can I get travel insurance if I have cancer?

You can get travel insurance if you have cancer, but you may have to use a specialist insurance provider. You might have to pay a higher premium in case you need treatment abroad or need to cancel your trip because of your cancer. A mainstream insurance provider may insure you but might not include any cancer-related claims.

What sort of travel insurance can I get?

What do insurance providers need to know?

If you have cancer, or a pe-existing medical condition, your travel insurance needs to be carefully assessed. Ultimately, it pays to provide as much detail as you can, as honestly as you can, in case you ever need to make a claim.  
Insurance providers will ask lots of questions, so if you’re in remission or know the state and grade of your illness make sure you tell a provider as much as you can - and be ready with a letter from your doctor confirming you’re ok to travel. 

Does it matter where I travel to?

It might. Some places have high medical costs, so treatment can be more expensive. It’s best to run through some options with a provider if you’re unsure. 

Does it matter where I travel to?

What if I’m in remission from cancer?

It’s good to tell a potential insurance provider full details of any treatments you’ve had in the past, or how long you’ve been in remission. Premiums can vary according to your condition’s status – both now and in the past. 

How can a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) help?

An EHIC entitles you to free or discounted treatment in state hospitals in a number of European Union countries and in some overseas territories too. However, it doesn’t carry the same range of benefits as travel insurance. The cards are free and are well worth getting.
However, it may only be useful up until 29 March 2019, when the UK will leave the European Union. There may of course be individual reciprocal arrangements with some, or all EU member countries after this date. Find out more about the EHIC. 

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Once you find the most suitable level of cover you need, relax and concentrate on enjoying your break.  

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