Travel insurance for diabetics

If you’re one of the almost 3.7 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, having diabetic travel insurance means one less thing to worry about while you’re relaxing on your holiday.  

But with so many different travel insurance policies around, what's the right one to choose if you’re diabetic?

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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Why do I need diabetic travel insurance?

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you know that living with diabetes takes careful planning. Travelling as a diabetic needs an extra level of preparation. 

Luckily, your diabetic travel insurance cover will ensure that should anything happen to your medication while you’re away, you’ll be able get the help you need quickly.

It’s not compulsory to buy diabetic travel insurance, but it’s a great option for peace of mind. Especially when you take into consideration that the cancellation and emergency medical assistance section of the policy will extend to cover any unplanned complications of your diabetes. 

This means you’ll be safely covered in case of an emergency, such as having to stay in hospital while abroad or if you're forced to miss your flight home.

However it’s essential to check the small print of the diabetic travel insurance policy before purchase, as cover can vary between providers.

Why do I need diabetic travel insurance?

What does diabetic travel insurance cover?

Diabetic travel insurance can make sure any medical fees are taken care of in the event of an emergency.  

The same applies to your flights. Make sure your policy covers you in case you miss your flight home because of your condition. 

Also, check that your diabetic travel insurance covers those that are travelling with you, just in case their holiday is cut short or has to be cancelled should you become poorly.

How should I prepare for my trip?

  • Carry a GP’s letter and diabetes ID – ensure it states the medication you need and what you are carrying  
  • Take double the amount of medical supplies
  • Research where you can pick up insulin on your trip
  • Remember that your insulin and blood glucose monitor may be affected in hot or cold climates
  • Apply for your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) 
  • And don’t forget travel insurance!
How should I prepare for my trip?

What tips are there for diabetics while travelling?

  • Before you go, talk to your doctor or diabetes care team about dealing with changes to time zones in relation when to take your insulin
  • Carry your insulin in your hand luggage, in a cool bag ideally
  • Pack extra snacks in case of delays
  • If you are flying, get to the airport early to avoid any last minute problems about carrying your medication.
  • If you use an insulin pump or have a continuous glucose monitor, you should contact your airline in advance to discuss the devices you want to take on board.

How do I compare travel insurance for diabetics?

The quickest way to find the right insurance for you is to use our travel insurance comparison tool.

Simply enter your details and tell us a bit about you and your pre-existing medical conditions. Within a few short minutes, we’ll show you the travel insurance policies we have available so you can find the right policy for your needs.  

Then you can jet off on your holidays with complete peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of. 

How do I compare travel insurance for diabetics?

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