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Lying on the beach, getting steadily pinker, with a cocktail in hand is not everybody's idea of the perfect holiday. If you’re a thrill seeker you may prefer to spend your free time doing something a little more active, like bungee jumping, ice climbing, jet-skiing, or the latest craze - extreme ironing.  

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What is adventure travel insurance?

If you have a passion for jumping out of planes or whizzing down ski slopes, you’re going to need adventure travel insurance. You may think standard travel insurance will be fine. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, it just won’t cut the mustard.

While many low-level activities such as hiking and cycling are usually covered under a standard policy, anything more extreme, like scuba diving or zip lining, won’t be covered. Not only that, but the activities that are included in a standard policy will only cover you to a certain degree - for example, hiking will only be covered up to an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level.

If you find a standard policy won’t cover you for all the exciting activities you’ve got planned, you’ll need to shop around for something a little more comprehensive. And this is where adventure sports travel insurance comes in. 

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What does travel insurance for adventure sports cover?

Many adventure sports are considered extreme because they’re riskier than most conventional sports. And some ‘extreme sports’ are considered more ‘extreme’ than others. Travel insurers assign sports and activities into different groups, depending on the level of risk involved. It goes without saying, the riskier the activity, the higher the premium. Shark cage diving, tobogganing and 'class five' white water rafting will be categorised in a higher risk band than rock climbing or abseiling, for example.

You can customise your adventure travel insurance package to suit your needs – whether you’re snowboarding for the first time in Klosters, or climbing Kilimanjaro with a bunch of pals.

Your adventure travel insurance policy should also cover the cost of medical treatment - whether you break a leg, or get altitude sickness - as well as personal accident, personal liability, and legal expenses.

How can I find the best adventure travel insurance quote?

Have a clear idea of what sports and activities you’ll be taking part in before you set off.

If you feel the urge to jump in a cage with a great white whilst on holiday, some adventure sports travel insurers will allow you to add the activity to your policy on the spot. But most companies don’t allow this. So, as boring as it is, you need to read the fine print and make sure your policy covers all the crazy adventures you're planning to have on your trip, before boarding the plane.

What other things should I consider?

- Travel insurance may be included with your bank account if you hold an added value account, but it’ll probably only cover the basics. It's also worth noting that some policy providers put a cap on the age of winter sports policy applicants.

- Your insurance policy could be at risk if you've drunk alcohol or taken drugs before an accident. So it might be worth going easy on the après-ski if you plan to be out on the slopes again the morning after the night before. Some policies don’t cover more adventurous ski trips such as those that take you off piste, check the details before you travel as it’s too late to amend the policy once you leave the UK.

- If you have annual travel cover, you might assume it's more comprehensive than a single-trip policy, and will include added protection for things such as bungee jumping and jet-skiing. But this isn't the case. Your insurer will need to adjust your policy to give you the right level of insurance for your adventure.

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Need help comparing the market?

It’s easy to compare winter sports insurance with us. We want to help you find a great deal on your adventure sport travel cover but this is something you’ll have to discuss directly with your insurer if you think you’re going to need an extra layer of cover for all the activities you might be doing. Just answer a few simple questions, and once you’re done, you’ll be able to compare holiday insurance quotes from some of the UK’s most popular insurance providers – safe in the knowledge that you’ll be covered for that once in a lifetime trip.

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