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Comparing utilities prices

“I just love paying my utility bills!” said nobody, ever. But then again, it is quite useful having lights in your home, a fully-charged mobile phone and a TV. Staying warm, washing in hot water and being able to cook – also very useful. So, paying for utilities is a good thing, really.


What’s less good is thinking that you’re paying too much for your gas and electricity, which is why comparethemarket.com is here, to help you compare utilities and make sure you’re getting the best energy deals.


We can help you complete a utilities comparison in no time at all, whether you’re looking for cheap electricity, gas or both.


Grab your bill and get started


The easiest way to compare utilities with us is to grab a recent bill. You can then use it to complete the form on comparethemarket.com or, the extra-easy way is to use our app Snapt.  Just download it free from the App Store or Google Play and use it to take a photo of your utility bill or QR code. The app will do the rest. But if you can’t find a bill it’s still easy to check out which is your cheapest energy supplier.


Once we have your details, we’ll quickly get you a list of deals that should meet your needs. We list them in order of the potential saving you could make compared with your current energy deal – the greatest savings are at the top. In fact, 50% of customers could save up to £235 on their annual energy bill.**


It’s worth remembering that a lot of energy providers will offer you a better deal when you get both gas and electricity together from them – this is called a dual fuel deal. It means the supplier gets more business and it’s less admin, so they offer discounts.


Do you do dual fuel?


But apart from combined tariffs potentially offering better value, they have other advantages too. You’ll only have one energy company to deal with, for starters. And with one combined bill to pay or direct debit to make, managing your account is easier too.


A lot of energy tariffs are now fixed for a certain amount of time, and we show this clearly on our energy quote page so that you know both the price, and the contract length.


If you’re on a fixed price tariff at the moment there might be a cancellation fee, so rather than switch suppliers now it might make sense to wait until the end of the contract. Put the date in your diary and make sure you use comparethemarket.com then to compare energy prices.


Simple switching


But if not, it’s very easy switch utilities with us. We show you which providers manage the switching process for you, or whether you need to contact them direct to switch.


It only takes around 17 days to change over to your new energy suppliers. Once you’ve chosen your new provider and passed on your meter readings, everything just happens in the background. You don’t need to worry about disruption to your power supply – we know how important that kettle is to you.


There are a couple of other things to think about when doing your utilities comparison.


How to save even more


First, think about paying by Direct Debit – it can make your energy bills cheaper and it’s so much easier than having to remember to pay a bill.


Second, don't forget that prices change all the time as wholesale energy costs fluctuate, so it pays to compare fuel prices on a regular basis. Even if nothing comes up now that could tempt you to switch, it's well worth looking again in the future in case things change.


And – this is the best bit – once you choose a new supplier, if you buy with comparethemarket.com you will get Meerkat Movies. That means that you can take a friend to the cinema on Tuesday or Wednesday every week, all year!  Or if you still prefer our little furry meerkat friends, don’t worry, you can still claim a toy.*


Switch over then switch off


So, you’ve been able to compare providers, switch utilities, and are proud of your new, reduced dual fuel bill… but there’s still more you could do to save money. You can save quite a bit by doing a different kind of switching. Switching things off!


Some quick wins for your electricity bill are to unplug phones and tablets once they’re charged, always switch the TV and lights off when you’re not using them, and shut down laptops and your printer overnight. Using standby mode on your devices is a lot more energy efficient than it used to be, but it’s not as good as unplugging everything, because that way there is no electricity being used at all.


It’s a little bit harder to save money on your gas usage, but you can make a real difference by turning your heating thermostat down a couple of degrees, switching the heating off overnight and when you’re out of the house, and setting your hot water temperature a little bit lower. Not too much though, no one likes a cold shower on a frosty morning!


**Based on customers who used  comparethemarket.com to switch their gas and electricity in August 2015.

*MEERKAT MOVIES is available on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at participating cinemas. Qualifying purchases only. You can only have one membership per 12 months. Please be aware it can take up to 48 hours to validate your details and therefore you may not be able to activate your membership on the day of purchase. MEERKAT MOVIES Terms and Conditions  apply.  Meerkat Toy Collection Terms and Conditions apply, available on qualifying purchases only.