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How do you get streaming services with your TV package?

The UK’s leading digital TV providers have made it possible to add Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services to their TV bundles so you can enjoy the best TV and movies from around the world. Some offer them when you sign up to a deal, while others let you add them later through your set-top box or online account.

Our TV viewing habits are continuing to evolve, with around half of UK households now subscribing to at least one streaming service, according to Ofcom. This means TV streaming services in the UK offer more flexibility than ever before.

What streaming services can you get with a BT package?

BT launched a new range of flexible TV packages in February 2020. Streaming options you can get with your bundle now include:

  • Netflix – a Netflix subscription can be bolted on to your BT TV package for a monthly fee. This lets you access thousands of films and TV shows, including The Crown, Sex Education and Tiger King. You can sign up to Netflix either on your BT TV box or through your account online.
  • NOW TV – you can also add Sky’s streaming service to your BT package, giving you access to Sky movies, entertainment and sports.
  • BT TV Store – all BT packages give you access to boxsets and movies that you can buy and stream directly to your TV.
  • Catch-up services – free services like the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4 are also available.

What streaming services can you get with a Sky package?

Sky has a range of TV packages that give you access to streaming services, including:

  • Netflix – with a Sky Q box, you can enjoy ad-free Netflix alongside your favourite Sky shows by upgrading to Sky Ultimate TV. You can also download the Netflix app to watch content on the go. If you’ve already got Netflix you can bundle it in and combine both in one bill.
  • Disney+ – Sky Q customers can also get Disney’s new streaming service. This offers a huge library of family entertainment, from Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian and Marvel films like The Avengers to Disney classics including Fantasia and Lady and the Tramp. You can add Disney+ to your monthly bill for an extra amount.
  • Sky Store – you can choose from thousands of movies to rent or buy. If you buy one to keep, Sky will send you a copy of the DVD in the post. You can also stream your purchases through the Sky Store app on your mobile devices. New films are added to the store every week, including some of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Catch-up services – Sky comes with more than 60 catch-up channels. These include Sky Atlantic and Fox as well as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.

What streaming services can you get with a Virgin Media package?

Virgin Media lets you add various streaming services to its TV bundles. These include:

  • Netflix – you can add Netflix membership to your TV subscription service either through your V6 box or by logging on to your My Virgin Media account. If you want to stream shows on the go, simply download the Netflix app.
  • Amazon Prime Video – Prime is also available directly through your V6 box. To access it, sign up to Amazon Prime Video via its website and log in on your TV box to watch shows like Star Trek: Picard, Good Omens and The Grand Tour.
  • Virgin Media Store – you can buy and own the latest films and boxsets to stream directly to your TV or watch them on the go through the Virgin Media Store app.
  • Free streaming services – Virgin’s TV packages also give you access to free services including YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Frequently asked questions

Which other UK TV providers offer streaming services?

TalkTalk and NOW TV both offer TV and broadband bundles with on-demand streaming from the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Why should I add streaming services to my TV bundle?

Adding a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime to a TV package might not seem necessary as you can get them separately with an online subscription. But you’ll have all your favourite TV shows and movies in one place and you can watch them on a full-size screen.

What’s the best TV streaming service in the UK?

Choosing a TV and broadband package depends on a number of factors, including where you live, set-up costs and which channels and streaming services you want to watch.

Where can I compare TV packages?

At Comparethemarket, we compare TV subscription deals from a range of broadband providers in the UK to help you find the one that works for you.

What do I need to find a deal?

We’ve made comparing broadband and TV deals quick and easy:

  • Enter your postcode
  • Tell us the name of your current provider and what type of broadband service you want
  • You’ll then be able to scroll down a results page with a list of deals. You can filter your results for length of contract and which TV channels you want included in your deal.
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