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Can I get broadband without line rental?

It is possible to get broadband without line rental, but it depends on whether a broadband-only deal is available in your area. It's also worth considering that a broadband-only deal could cost more than a combined broadband and landline package.

Let's have a look at your options for broadband without line rental.

Holly Niblett From the Digital team
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How much is line rental?

Monthly line rental costs from some of the big providers* are Sky (£18.99), BT (£18.99) and Virgin Media (£19). (That’s around £228 a year.)

Some providers offer a line rental saver, which lets you pay for a year up front and then have smaller bills each month. They usually come with a discount and mean you won’t be affected by line rental price increases during the year. However, they tend to be non-refundable if you switch. We make it easy to compare by including line rental costs in the prices we show you. So you don’t need to work out how much extra line rental will be.

*Cost correct as of 02/05/18.
How much is line rental?

Are there any broadband-only deals? 

Yes, but it’s worth noting that sometimes getting a deal that has broadband and phone together can be cheaper. It just varies according to what offers are available in the market at that time. Depending on your postcode you could get:

  • Virgin Media – the company offers broadband-only deals via its own fibre network.
  • Mobile broadband (3G or 4G) – this is an option provided you live in an area with very good mobile phone reception. You’ll typically get a USB dongle to plug into your computer, or a special wireless box that just needs a power supply. Mobile connections tend to be slower than an ADSL or cable connections. We don’t currently offer comparisons between mobile broadband services.
  • Hyperoptic – this is superfast broadband provided by the company’s own cable network, so you can have it with or without a landline. It’s installed building-by-building and is not yet widely available. 
  • Satellite broadband – satellite broadband is available anywhere and you won’t need a landline. However the cost might be more than paying for broadband with line rental, and coverage and speeds could be worse.

To find out if you could get broadband for less than you’re currently paying and what your options are, use our postcode checker.

Is it cheaper to get broadband without line rental?

Not necessarily. Some people assume that broadband-only packages are cheaper because you don't have to worry about paying for your phone line, but this isn’t always true.   

The best thing to do is to compare prices. You may find that a provider could be cheaper even with a phone line. 

Is it cheaper to get broadband without line rental?

Do broadband prices include line rental costs?

Yes, since October 2016 it’s been compulsory for broadband providers to include line rental in their headline costs. And at comparethemarket.com as well as showing the monthly cost, we include an all-in 12-month total cost. This includes line rental, as well as other ‘extras’ such as activation fees and other equipment charges.

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Whether you’re looking for broadband without line rental, a broadband-only package or broadband with TV or phone, we can help. 

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