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Plusnet broadband deals

What does Plusnet offer?

Plusnet offers a range of  broadband deals, with optional extras including phone and TV packages.  
Looking for a landline and broadband? Then you’ll get a reduced monthly broadband rate for as long as you keep your phone service with them. As with most providers, you’ll need to pay line rental on top of your monthly broadband bill.  

About Plusnet 

While owned by BT, Plusnet remains an independently run broadband provider, which offers a range of broadband, TV, phone and mobile deals. 
Providing broadband since 1997, their strapline “we’ll do you proud” is all about their commitment to customer service, promising availability 365 days a year. So, if your broadband isn’t working on Christmas Day, there’ll be someone on the end of the phone or online to get you back up and running, so your day isn’t spoilt. 

What are the different Plusnet packages? 

Plusnet broadband deals offer a range of home broadband, phone and TV packages. 
The company offers three types of unlimited broadband package: 

  • Plusnet Unlimited  Broadband offers speeds of up to 10Mbps and is good for general use.   
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre  offers speeds of up to 36Mbps and is great for downloading, streaming and gaming. Unlimited Fibre customers receive the Plusnet Hub One – Plusnet’s fastest ever router. 
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra  gives you superfast download speeds of up to 66Mbps and is ideal if you have lots of devices all online at the same time. 

As part of your broadband, you’ll also receive one of the following call plans: 

  • Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile calls – calls must be no longer than one hour, between 7pm-7am on weekdays, and anytime at weekends 
  • Unlimited UK & Mobile calls – calls must be no longer than one hour at any time of day 
  • Anytime International 300 – 300 minutes included for international calls to American and Canadian mobiles, as well as landlines listed within their top 35 international destinations. You’ll then receive a 25% discount on all minutes which exceed this. 

You can also add two types of TV add-on to your broadband package: 

  • YouView TV includes 70 Freeview TV and radio channels and on-demand content, as well as the 20 premium entertainment channels. 
  • BT Sport includes sporting action from football (including Premier League and Champions League), Premiership rugby, cricket and WWE wrestling. 

These deals are available at the time of publication on 10 July 2020, for the most recent offers and packages, please use our comparison tool to find plusnet broadband deals. 

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Does Plusnet provide any add-ons or extras? 

As part of its variety of packages, you can also add a selection of extras to suit your package: 

  • Plusnet Protect secures up to seven devices against phishing, spam and viruses 
  • Plusnet SafeGuard helps you filter inappropriate web content and restrict the sites your kids can access. This is included with all Plusnet broadband packages 
  • Call plans which include either evening, weekend and mobile calls, or fully unlimited plans 
  • Call features include standards such as voicemail and caller display, as well as useful extras like call protect and call barring, which allow you to set up a ‘do not disturb’ setting, prevent spam calls or calls to premium and international numbers 

Plusnet also offer several rewards and benefits features: 

  • Plusnet Rewards – some Plusnet deals offer rewards for signing up, such as cashback, gift cards or reward cards. You’ll be able to see any rewards available when comparing Plusnet deals with Compare the Market. 
  • Refer a friend – if you recommend Plusnet broadband to a friend, and they use your personal link to sign up for a deal of their own, Plusnet will offer you up to £1.25 off your own deal. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so they “could even end up paying you”. 
  • 2GB extra mobile data for broadband customers – if you‘re an existing broadband customer, you can get an extra free 2GB of data on your mobile plan 

What are the advantages of Plusnet?  

  • Cheap unlimited broadband 
  • Offers broadband, phone, TV and mobile 
  • Award-winning, UK-based customer service 
  • Ability to refer a friend and save money on your bill 

What are the disadvantages of Plusnet? 

  • TV offering is limited 
  • Not many rewards or extras 
  • Highest speeds don’t match rivals  

Do Plusnet offer TV deals? 

While specialising in broadband, Plusnet do offer TV add-ons as part of their packages. A YouView TV bundle offers you an extra 20 premium entertainment channels, on top of the standard 70 Freeview channels, while a BT Sport add-on keeps you up to date with plenty of Premier League and Champions League football, as well as rugby, cricket and more. 

How do I switch to Plusnet? 

Plusnet could have you up and running in as little as 10 working days. If you’re currently with Sky, BT or TalkTalk, simply sign up and Plusnet will do the rest. If you don’t have a phone line, or your existing one is inactive, you’ll need to arrange an engineer to come and install or activate your line. Once the engineer has visited, your broadband and phone should go live within five working days. 
If you’re moving from  Virgin Media  or another cable provider, you’ll need to contact your old supplier to cancel your service. Plusnet recommends doing this after receiving the activation date for your new service. They’ll usually need 30 days’ notice of your departure. 
Your current provider’s service should be disconnected on the same day that Plusnet’s goes live, meaning you shouldn’t face any downtime. You will be sent your router ahead of your start date, and a confirmation email or text message when your new service is live.  

Frequently asked questions

What’s Plusnet’s customer service like?

According to Ofcom customer service research in 2019, 86% of Plusnet broadband customers were satisfied with the service.  

Can you get mobile with Plusnet?

As well as broadband, phone and TV packages, you can also get a mobile deal with Plusnet. These are SIM-only deals that start from just £6 a month, and roll from one month to the next. 
Plusnet’s mobile deals offer a variety of options to suit your usage. If you suddenly reach your limit for the month, you can take advantage of their data ‘bolt-ons’, that allow you to top up further. 

What equipment does Plusnet use?

As part of your package, Plusnet will supply you with a new broadband router, this should feature four ports, and will plug into your standard Openreach socket. 
Depending on the type of broadband you’ve selected, your router will use either ‘N’ or ‘AC’ series technology. ‘AC’ routers are designed to handle faster broadband speeds. 

Will I get a Plusnet email?

While you can set up a Plusnet email account, there’s nothing to stop you from continuing to use your existing email account. 

How do I compare Plusnet deals?

With Compare the Market, you can easily compare Plusnet broadband deals for your area simply by entering your postcode.

We can list the relevant package details including:

  • monthly charges
  • line rental, speeds
  • connection costs
  • download limits  
  • any extras or freebies

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