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Comparing broadband providers

There are plenty of cheap broadband deals out there. But if you’re thinking of switching provider, getting a great price isn’t always the main priority. You’ll probably want to check download speeds, data limits, and whether or not to bundle your phone and broadband, or even your TV, into one package.


You can easily compare home broadband packages with But we’ve also taken a closer look at what each of the leading broadband providers brings to the table.


This page is all about Sky broadband, so continue reading for the details. For other providers click here.

What does Sky Broadband offer?

We all know about Sky TV: movies, sport and some of the most popular boxsets around. But what about Sky Broadband?


The UK’s second-largest broadband provider (behind BT) offers a range of packages with different speeds, download restrictions and combined phone and TV options.


If you’re thinking about switching providers, keep an eye out for the broadband deals Sky regularly uses to attract new customers.


Bear in mind, all Sky broadband packages come with Sky Talk, which is Sky’s landline telephone service. As with most providers, that means you’ll pay line rental on top of your monthly tariff. You can, however, take out a broadband and phone deal without TV. 

What type of packages can I get?

The jewel in Sky’s broadband crown is its ‘Sky Fibre Unlimited’ package. With no usage cap, you can download all the movies, music and photos you like. Its cheapest fibre broadband package, ‘Sky Fibre’, is basically the same, but with a 25GB monthly usage allowance.


As the name suggests, Fibre broadband works through fibre-optic cables. Sky advertises high download speeds of up to 38Mbit/s.


But a word of caution. The speed you get with any home broadband provider may be very different from the speed in the headlines. You can enter your postcode and a landline number into a broadband speed checker to see what speed you’ll actually get in your home.


That said, you should be on pretty safe ground with Sky. Ofcom research shows that nearly all Sky Fibre customers received 90% or more of their connection’s maximum speed during peak times – the best result of any provider tested.


If you don’t need superfast broadband, you could opt for a standard ADSL connection. In case you’re not up on your acronyms, that’s an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It’s the most common type of connection in the UK, and works through the copper wires of your existing phone line. Unfortunately for some, the further away you are from your local telephone exchange, the slower your connection will be.


Sky offers a ‘Sky Broadband’ and ‘Sky Broadband Unlimited’ package. Having improved reliability and speed on its ADSL services, Sky now advertises download speeds of up to 17Mbit/s, and upload speeds of up to 1.3Mb/s.


With a Sky TV subscription, you can get the free Sky Broadband Everyday Lite broadband, which has a 2GB monthly download allowance.


If you live outside of a Sky network area, you’re limited to a Sky Connect package, which can be a more expensive and has a 40GB monthly usage allowance.

Does Sky Broadband come with any extras?

New customers get a free Sky Hub wireless router (there’s a £6.95 delivery charge for this).


Sky Broadband customers also get free Sky Broadband Shield software that lets you set the level of online protection you want – useful if you need parental control.


This is not to be confused with antivirus software. Sky recommends you install this too, and offers broadband customers a free trial with McAfee Security.


As a Sky broadband customer, you can also access free Wi-Fi in many high street locations around the UK.

What’s Sky customer service like?

Sky’s Tech Team is on call seven days a week to fix any broadband issues that can't be sorted out over the phone.


But how good is Sky’s customer satisfaction overall? Well, Sky came second in an Ofcom study of customer service satisfaction at the main broadband providers, just behind Virgin Media. Also according to the Ofcom report, ‘Sky customers reported above average satisfaction with some aspects relating to customer service advisors, and also the offer of compensation or goodwill payment.

How do I switch to Sky Broadband?

Switching to Sky is a ‘one touch’ process. Just complete a quote and sign up, and in most cases, they do the rest. As one of 200 companies who use BT’s Openreach network to provide broadband services, Sky has to comply with ‘one touch’ switching regulations that came into force in June 2015, meaning if you switch to Sky, they will contact your existing provider for you and cancel that contract.

However, if you're switching to or from a cable network (such as Virgin Media), things aren’t quite so simple. You’ll need to stop your service with your current provider before starting afresh with your new service. When you sign up to your new provider, they should make it clear what, if anything, you have to do. Just watch out for any contract cancelation fees for terminating your existing contract early.

Could I save money by switching to Sky?

So, we’ve given you the lowdown on Sky broadband. Now you’ll no doubt want to compare Sky’s offer with other providers. It’s a competitive market, and they all want you as a customer. There are usually lots of deals around.


With, you can easily compare broadband deals for your area, simply by entering your postcode. You’ll see all the key details of all the offers listed out in one place. You’ll be able to compare monthly charges, speeds, download limits, connection costs, and any freebies on offer.


Hit the button to try comparing home broadband deals with today. 

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