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Sky broadband deals

Compare Sky broadband deals and find the right package for you 

What does Sky Broadband offer?

The UK’s second-largest broadband provider (behind BT) offers a range of packages with different speeds, phone and TV options.

Be careful though, some packages come with download restrictions whereas others are truly unlimited packages with no download caps and no slowing down, even at peak times. At Compare the Market, we only compare Sky broadband deals which offer unlimited data.  

If you’re thinking about switching providers, keep an eye out for the broadband deals Sky regularly uses to attract new customers.

About Sky 

With over 24 million customers, Sky offer a range of broadband, phone, TV and mobile deals, that can be tailored to suit your needs. Launching back in 1989 as the UK’s first satellite TV service, they are now one of the largest broadband providers in the UK, while continuing to lead in the TV market and produce their own original content. 

What type of Sky broadband bundles can I get? 

Sky offers plenty of options for your broadband packages, these include broadband and phone, as well as broadband, phone and TV. However, you can further customise your bundle, to suit your needs and usage: 

Sky broadband and phone deals 

For this type of package, you can choose between Sky’s Essential or Superfast broadband, to be paired with their Sky Talk phone service. 
Essential broadband offers average speeds of 11Mbps, while their Superfast deal averages at 59Mbps. 
Sky Talk offers three different tiers: 

  • Sky Talk Evenings & Weekend - includes free UK calls within specific times 
  • Sky Talk Anytime Extra – includes free unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles 
  • Sky Talk International Extra – includes free unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, as well as 50 international destinations 

Sky broadband, phone and TV deals 

With Sky broadband, phone and TV packages, you have the choice of all the above options, as well as a selection of TV add-ons: 

  • Sky TV – includes access to 70 premium channels, including Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, Fox and more. 
  • Sky Entertainment – gives you access to over 300 premium TV channels 
  • Sky Cinema – a Sky TV add-on, this includes 11 extra channels that bring the cinema to you. Each channel has a different genre, so there’s always something for every mood. 
  • Sky Sports – a Sky TV add-on, this includes an extra nine channels, bringing you action from many top sports, including football, cricket, golf, F1 and more.

With any Sky TV package, you’ll get a Sky Q box which means you can: 

  • record up to six shows  while watching a seventh 
  • use voice control to find the content you love 
  • watch full series of your favourites shows on demand 
  • store up to 500 hours  of your favourite programmes (or 1,000 hours if you upgrade to the 2TB box). 

Plus, Sky TV customers can take advantage of  Sky Go, which lets you watch your favourite shows on your tablet, mobile or laptop, at no extra cost, and  Catch Up TV,  which gives you access to shows from the past 30 days, across 65 channels. 

How fast is Sky broadband? 

Sky broadband speed varies between three different package types: 

  • Sky Broadband Essential – with average speeds of 11Mbps, this is suitable for minimal users in the home, for basic browsing or some streaming  
  • Sky Broadband Superfast – with average download speeds of 59Mbps, this provides enough to support multiple users streaming content at the same time, as well as those who like to game online 
  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast – with average download speeds of 145Mbps, this is ideal for the heaviest users, with lots of people in the home, downloading large files, or streaming 4K content regularly, as well as play games online 

What are the advantages of Sky?  

  • Ability to bundle all your services together: broadband, phone, TV and mobile 
  • You can tailor your TV package to your needs, with lots of package extras 
  • Strong average broadband speeds that are suitable for most homes 
  • Sky Broadband Boost offers extra benefits 
  • Great parental controls available through the Sky Broadband Buddy app 

What are the disadvantages of Sky? 

  • Less competitive prices 
  • Broadband speeds fall slightly short of their main rivals 
  • Their fastest Ultrafast Broadband is not widely available 

How do I switch to Sky Broadband? 

Just compare deals, pick the one that's right for you and sign up, and in most cases, they do the rest. As one of the companies which uses BT’s Openreach network to provide broadband services, Sky has to comply with ‘one touch’ switching regulations, so they’ll contact your existing provider for you and cancel that contract. 
However, if you're switching to or from a cable network (such as Virgin Media), things aren’t quite so simple. You’ll need to stop your service with your current provider before starting afresh with your new service. When you sign up to your new provider, they should make it clear what, if anything, you have to do. Just watch out for any contract cancellation fees for terminating your existing contract early. 

Frequently asked questions

Does Sky Broadband come with any extras?

  • New customers get a free Sky Hub or Sky Q Hub wireless router (there’s a £9.95 delivery charge for these).
  • Sky Broadband customers also get free Sky Broadband Shield software that lets you set the level of online protection you want – useful if you need parental controls.
  • Sky also recommends you install antivirus software, and offers broadband customers a free trial with McAfee Security.
  • As a Sky broadband customer, you can also access free Wi-Fi in many high street locations around the UK, with Sky WiFi.

Sky broadband customers can also sign up for Sky Broadband Boost. This is a £5 monthly add-on to your package, and provides many extra benefits: 

  • WiFi guarantee – receive WiFi in every room of your home or your money back 
  • Internet remote control – allows you to take control of your family’s internet and screen time with the Sky Broadband Buddy app 
  • The latest Sky broadband hub – to give you the best WiFi performance possible 
  • Flexible engineer callouts – get an engineer appointment at a time that suits you best, including evenings and weekends for no extra cost 
  • Daily line checks – if your connection is having issues, you’ll receive a notification and updates on repairs 


Can you get mobile with Sky?

As well as broadband, phone and TV packages, you can also get a mobile deal with Sky. SIM-only deals start from as little as £6 a month, while you can also take out phone contracts for the latest new models. 

How much does Sky broadband cost?

While not always the cheapest on the market, you can get an Essential Sky broadband package, with average speeds of up to 11Mbps, for as little as £22 a month on an 18-month contract. However, choosing their Superfast broadband, which provides average speeds of up to 59Mbps, isn’t much more expensive, available from £25 a month. 

Can I get Sky without a landline?

Unfortunately, all of Sky’s broadband services require a landline. While fibre-optic is available, this still requires the use of the traditional phoneline, to carry your signal from the street cabinet to your home. To avoid the need of a landline, you’d require a special cable broadband service. These types of service are much less readily available. 

What equipment does Sky use?

The equipment you’ll need for your Sky service may vary depending on your package. You’ll be provided with a Sky Broadband Hub, which will plug into your standard Openreach socket. 
If you have signed up for a broadband and TV deal, you should receive a Sky Q Hub. It’s specifically designed to work with their Sky Q TV service, allowing you to watch on-demand content and record multiple shows. 

What’s Sky customer service like?

According to Ofcom customer service research in 2019, 83% of Sky broadband customers were satisfied with the service.  

The Sky team is on call seven days a week – including evenings - to fix any broadband issues that can’t be sorted over the phone. 

How do I compare Sky broadband deals?

Simply enter your postcode and start comparing. 

We give you all the relevant package details including:  

  • monthly charges 
  • line rental 
  • average speeds 
  • connection costs 
  • download limits   
  • any extras or freebies on offer

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